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Qwirkle Update

Back in the summer of 2011, I did this little post on one of our favorite family games, Qwirkle. Well it is still a beloved choice for entertainment to us, and brings much joy and laughter to many of our … Continue reading

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The pretend tooth fairy didn’t come. Almost.

Over the years I have attempted several times to actually publish a post on how our family addresses the subject of Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. However, like so many other posts I have started, I failed to finish … Continue reading

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well hello there, little fella

Just look at this cute face that greeted me when I went to open the blinds! I remember how little suprises like this used to be regular occurances around this home and sometimes they were discovered in some pretty fun … Continue reading

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tooth fairy, you’re fired!

Last Friday, April 30th, Halle finally lost her first tooth! Since she is almost seven and half years old, it is about time! Halle knows there is no tooth fairy (see ** below) , but we still have a great … Continue reading

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Let us fix our eyes on… the bacon (??) that awaits us

“I’ll bet in heaven, Moses will get to have bacon for the first time.” That was one of Halle’s comments she made yesterday when the girls started discussing heavenly things they are hoping awaits them in their eternal home. Two … Continue reading

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Say ‘yes’ to drugs

Yesterday afternoon was just another typcial early-evening use of time in the Van Vleet home; I was working in the kitchen and Halle was keeping herself busy at the table with some things she had found to color and write … Continue reading

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“I Saw Three Ships” – Another post with a twist on a Christmas song

But in my rendition, it is called “I Heard Three Ships.” Or to remain true to details, I should give the title “My Girls Heard Three Ships.” Because, what happened is that, I actually spoke the word ‘ship’ three times … Continue reading

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