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I am one proud momma!!!

I hope to sit down soon and post a blog that goes into more detail about our homeschooling and the new program we have been a part of this past year. But until that happens, this is a little snippet … Continue reading

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how to think green – the answer was “clear”

With all our handwriting things we work on and Halle’s mental math drills, I was using a lot of paper and a lot of ink printing them out every day. I did not like the waste at all! Sure, we … Continue reading

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Great Illustrated Classics

This is a praise for a series of books we have been collecting over the years from Half-Price Books (where, if found, are only $1) and Michaels Crafts Store ($3). They are called ‘Great Illustrated Classics’ and I just love … Continue reading

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Homeschooling with wine

This week we have been reading about Thomas Jefferson and The Declaration of Independence. One of the activities was to make a quill pen and berry ink so students could try and write like the colonists did. The ingredients for … Continue reading

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Homemade homeschooling

Halle’s math lessons have lately involved her gaining an understanding of weights and measurement. So far, all of her assignments have just asked about pictures and number problems; to complete them we have needed only a pencil. No extra supplies … Continue reading

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surprising joys from fish and bread

I love the many unexpected blessings of the Lord and how His grace desires to give us more than we could ever ask or imagine! I had been thinking lately (not ardently-on-my-knees praying, just kind of thinking in the back … Continue reading

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a lesson in history

So I figured I should start getting Halle familiar with some recent updates in the news and educate her a bit in our country and the new leaders. I wasn’t sure where exactly the conversation would lead, but I started … Continue reading

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