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Halloween 2011

Once again there was something quite creative about (at least one of) the girls’ costume choices this year. Starting back in at the beginning of September, Dee and Gracie had their sweet little hearts set on being Odette from Swan … Continue reading

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Halloween 2010

Halle had been talking of a detective costume for some time now. And two weeks before Halloween, I finally started to try and do something about it. Google is where I always like to start with ideas, but sometimes the … Continue reading

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pumpkin decorating

Pumpkin carving has never really been that big of a hit around this home. The kids can’t participate in the actual carving and they are not the biggest fans of removing the insides, either. So this year, we did pumpkin … Continue reading

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Halloween 2009

It was a frightful Halloween with the H1N1 virus making an appearance in a couple different ways. Fortunately there was Dr. Halle and Nurse Dee to the rescue! Sometime over the summer, Halle mentioned she wanted to be a doctor. … Continue reading

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Halle in Wonderland, Tweedle Dee, and Tweedle Gracie

With last year’s costume story, I did learn my lesson of ONE way NOT to be considered in the category of an over-controlling mom. I was never again going to force a themed costume on my kids for my own … Continue reading

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Halloween and the not-so-horrible mom

Some of you might remember Halle’s costume from last year.            She came up with the idea to be a scuba diver, all by herself.  I thought it was one of the most brilliant, creative ideas … Continue reading

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