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Thanks again, Dave Ramsey (I think…)

The bottom-line-on-top message is this: Rob was let go from his job this past Friday :-( But if you want the extended happier, silver-lining version, then read on :-) ********* It was a little more than 2 years ago that … Continue reading

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yogurt in my coffee and water into wine

Over the last couple of years after becoming Dave-Ramsey-budget-abiders I had really been on the lookout of ways to cut back on grocery spending. By experimenting with less expensive alternatives and adapting new habits in all aspects of food and … Continue reading

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thanks Dave Ramsey, we’re now debt free!!!!

Wait!! Before you get too impressed, I do have to preface that we still have a mortgage. But according to Dave, you can call yourself debt free if you have no other outstanding payments on loans or credit cards. And … Continue reading

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