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No More Bricks

Don’t let the title confuse you, this WILL be a post about baking bread. A book with the same name ‘No More Bricks” by Lori Viets was where I borrowed it from. And as you will soon see, it is … Continue reading

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Let Go & Letting Go

The phone rang on Wednesday with the news. It was only 4pm, but Rob had called in the afternoon to tell me he was coming home. He needed to tell me why and asked if I was sitting down. Even … Continue reading

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maybe someday, but until then…

someday… I will have baby books for each and every one of my kids! And even though this desire came about before Halle was even born, my high hopes at being able to accomplish such a task have sadly amounted … Continue reading

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thanks Dave Ramsey, we’re now debt free!!!!

Wait!! Before you get too impressed, I do have to preface that we still have a mortgage. But according to Dave, you can call yourself debt free if you have no other outstanding payments on loans or credit cards. And … Continue reading

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an experiment in righteousness

I swore I would never become one of those angry moms who is constantly yelling at her kids. I had seen/heard too much of that growing up, so I vowed to always respond with calmness and patience to any frustration … Continue reading

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One New Year’s Resolution I know that I can always keep…

To NEVER make a New Year’s resolution!!! This has only been going on successfully for the last two years now, and I want to add that it is very easy to do!! Don’t get me wrong; I am not against … Continue reading

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just the facts, Ma’m

September 2, 2008 Our first day of homeschooling started today! I am sure I could write forever about this. I would want to include why we are homeschooling, my preference for the classical education, all our curriculum choices and on … Continue reading

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