Our home in a dome – the inside scoop

It has now been exactly one full month since we started moving into our geodome home (click to read if you missed that post). After several weeks of enduring the stress of packing, moving, unpacking, allowing way too many occurrences of My Little Pony watching on Netflix, and too frequently asking the question, “What? We are already through that 12 pack and box of wine?” (you can see that we didn’t weather this long drawn out month of transition well), AND still trying to accomplish the many other tasks that already existed on our daily plate of to-dos), things are finally starting to feel more settled. The craziness has slowed a bit and so I was able to make a little time to post some details about our new abode.

To help you gain a little more perspective of what things are like inside this odd shaped living structure, I thought I would use this post to share the floor plan layout of our two floors.

When you enter in the only door on the first floor, you have a bit of a landing area to step onto. Then you can decide whether to go down a few steps into the living area, or go up the stairs into the loft.

The total downstairs area is 1,100 square feet. However, you will notice that in each of the rooms the walls come together at extremely acute angles. While the word, ‘acute’ might be a good thing if you are describing one’s intellect. When you are talking about corners in homes we now know it is hip to be square! Those very narrow corners seriously reduce the usable space on the main floor, and much is wasted. Concerning the space under the stairs that go up to the loft, you can imagine that the combination of the sloping low ceiling height, the wood burning stove, and the closet all make that area a tricky one to utilize as well. But we are making it work, and those pictures will follow soon.

The upstairs loft area is for the master suite. It feels like a nice grand space when you come up and there is a door out to a patio with a lovely view of the mountains. But the main negative (and why we refer to it as a loft and not a true bedroom) is that much of the area is open to the downstairs. You can see from the picture that there is a half-wall (shown by the dashed-line) at the top of the stairs and you can also see that the railing (shown by the dotted lines) is open to the living area below. There are NO doors up there (not even for the potty), NO closet to hang clothes, and NO walls to separate the shower from the rest of the room. And that also means NO PRIVACY. Fortunately I married Rob, the builder and thus a wall and a closet were quickly constructed over the Christmas break before we moved in (those pictures will follow soon too). Hopefully this little bit allows you to see and appreciate some of the challenges we had/still have in making this space work for our family of five.

These layouts were the before drawings of how the dome looked when we purchased it. There have been many modifications Rob made while we were moving in. In posts to come I will show those and include how we placed our furniture. And of course I will share some of the fun pictures that capture our very unique space. Stay tuned….

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4 Responses to Our home in a dome – the inside scoop

  1. Jamie Ivey says:

    sounds like an adventure to me!

  2. christibloved says:

    I love this!!!! I want to move there too! You are amazing to make this work! The land sounds incredible and yes… I would love to have livestock !
    Can’t wait to see more pictures!!

  3. Ritz says:

    I can’t wait to see!

  4. Anonymous says:

    We have a friend who is in the process of redoing their dome. Now I can’t to see how theirs looks.
    Anxiously awaiting your up dated plans and photos.
    Les and Di

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