The beginning of our GeoDome adventure!

So this is kind of crazy. Are you ready for this exciting news??

The Van Vleets are home owners again!!

But this is not just any kind of home. We purchased a geodome! “A what???”, you might be asking (and it would be a valid question if you did). The term is short for geodesic dome and wikipedia defines it as this. “A spherical or partial-spherical shell structure or lattice shell based on a network of great circles (geodesics) on the surface of a sphere. The geodesics intersect to form triangular elements that have local triangular rigidity and also distribute the stress across the structure. When completed to form a complete sphere, it is a geodesic sphere.”

Doesn’t that just radiate mathematical awesomeness!

Anyways, here is a picture of our soon-to-be residence.

And because the next question that usually follows after the ‘what is it’ inquiry seems to be another very valid, “why would you do that????” question.

For some fun, how about I let you make some guesses as to our why of doing such a thing. Here are three possible rationales.

1) We are huge J.R.R. Tolkien fans and have always dreamed of living in something that resembles a hobbit hole.

2) I was a math major, so any house whose structure can be described using words like polyhedron, sphere, involve a geeky Greek letter, “ν” (nu), and a cool formula such as this η = 2 sin (θ /2) is a must have in my mind.

3) Location! Location! Location!!

If you answered all of the above, you would be correct. However it is reason 3 that is the only sound and sane answer that would prompt us to take out a Dave Ramsey approved 20% down, 15 year mortgage on such an unconventional home.

The home is located on 2.55 acres in the airport subdivision we have been renting from for the last year and a half. And while we don’t love the idea of moving our family of 5 into a 1537 sq ft geodome (did you catch that, 1537 sq ft, yikes!), we are thrilled about staying in this community. This property affords us a way to stay here long term. You see, we have truly come to fall in love with this place. The views, the land, the feeling of distance all around, the planes that take off and land almost daily, the experiences our girls have gained when they go up in some of those planes, the aeronautical knowledge they are beginning to acquire (well, mostly just Halle), and…. HOA allows you to have livestock here. The latter of which has been a huge wish-list item of mine for several years. Also important to note is that living in the dome will only be temporary. In a couple years, as we save up, the dome will be torn down and a more conventional home will be put built. The appeal was the land, the already current structures that include a 40′ x 40′ hangar AND a 40′ by 20′ garage, and the great deal we got it for it.

Here is the hangar and the attached garage (no shortage of space in there)

And this is the satellite image of the new place.

You can see how tiny the little dome looks in comparison with everything else. But all the awesome views are to the west and we will be putting the new home to the north east of the garage which will have unobstructable panoramic glory down the runway of the entire front range. Very cool, right?!

I know I have been a most inconsistent blogger with our happenings over the last couple of years. But hopefully this little home adventure will provide some unique material to get me at it again. We have a lot of work to do in the place before we can start moving in. And there are some pretty unique features to this layout you will want to read about that we will have to deal with. But this post is already long enough. I just encourage you to follow us along this new journey as we fix up, live in, start our farming ventures, and eventually build a whole new home.

Thanks for checking us out! There will be more posts and pictures to follow…

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3 Responses to The beginning of our GeoDome adventure!

  1. And here I thought it was to make room for free babysitters and carpool grandparents … ;-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dont tear down the dome! Joanna – it can be YOUR woman cave! : )

  3. Kate says:

    Wow Jo!!! What a very exciting adventure!!! Can’t wait to read more…. Thinking of all of you!
    Hugs! <3

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