Some Very Snowy Days

Lots of snow was not something our winter days could boast of this past season. But as February was coming to an end, we were at last able to close out the month seeing those Rocky Mountains to our West clad in lovely white (which, by the way, is what is most fashionable for them from the month of November through the beginning of March). And thus, for ourselves, we were able to have a very fun winter play day!

I am not good at remembering details of the amount of actual snowfall, but I know there was a lot! Enough to build this awesome little snow hut (aka, our Hobbit hole) and a pretty cool looking snowman.

Halle covered in snow

Gracie and Dee in the Hobbit hole

Gig ’em!

Halle in the Hobbit hole

Teamwork in building

The snow that fell that day remained around for several more days. And while it lasted, the girls had a great time playing out in their little Hobbit hole. And we were certain that was probably the last of the snow until next fall and winter.

But, we were wrong…

Three days after the official day of Spring, more snow came down on March 23rd. And once again, Rob made sure the girls got to take pleasure in it! But this time, instead of a snow cave and a snowman, entertainment was in brr-brrrrr-burying each other. I stayed warm and inside for this one.

Gracie is a good sport (I would never let someone do this to me!)

It must of looked like a heap of fun, that Dee wanted a turn as well having a heap of snow on her

The happy snow clan

To keep things fair, it was only fitting that Rob had a turn being buried too

Some lovely art the snow storm left for us on our deck window

We have had a few more snow days after these mentioned above, but no one wanted to go out and play. The winds were crazy strong, so playtime was inside. There are still more forecasts on the radar for more snow to come this April. But I think mentally we are all ready for true spring weather, so there will be no more play times outside this year.

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