Texas cousins visit at Thanksgiving

My mom and sister Courtney, along with her family all joined us in Colorado for Thanksgiving this past year. My nephew Brayden had come to Colorado with two missions to accomplish. The first was to make a dirt cake, and the second was to make an igloo. Al-righty, kid. We will see what we can do for you!

Unfortunately, Colorado has had a very mild winter. And when they all arrived there was no snow on the ground. Not wanting to disappoint the cousins who had never seen snow, we make a trek out to Breckenridge for a day. They have a free gondola there which will take you to the base of the ski resort. It turned out to be a very good thing that we made the two hour drive west into the mountains. Because not only did we find snow and some ice blocks that would serve as building material for an igloo, we also found a very small hill to slide down.

My mom, Courtney, Halle and her cousins riding in the gondola

Gracie’s first response was, “this is SO NOT sledding.” But she soon got over her initial disappointment and decided she could have fun on this little sled hill. Brayden and Madelyn thought it was grand!

All the grown-ups joined in the fun, too!

Building Brayden’s igloo

Posing in Brayden’s igloo

My mom, Courtney, and me
(Really it is me that is the shortest of the lot, but when I stand on my tip toes for pictures, no one can tell…)

Mission 1 accomplished, now it is on to the dirt cake

everyone got to help

The finished product. And I think those red and yellow bits are supposed to be leaves (according to Halle, i.e. who cut up some felt pieces to create a more authentic visual effect)

Our awesome mountain sunsets, glad we got to share this with them

Madelyn learns that just because you are our guest and only 2, you are still not exempt from bringing in the firewood! Only the adults in the house get that privilege :-)

On one of the days they were here, Rob pulled out the tractor and bobcat to let everyone have a ride. Brayden got to drive, too!

Even Uncle Derek got a turn

Proof even a small pile of dirt can be a fun source of entertainment for kiddos

Visiting our across the street neighbors, the alpacas!

Halle and Cinnamon

The whole family!

Fearless Madelyn and the neighbor’s Great Pyrenees, Ocho (I want one!!)

Just another awesome mountain view that we get to look at everyday…

For their last night in town, we dined at one of the local breweries, Oskar Blues

Fun at the kid table

I love this “kids-at-the-bar” photo!

We had so much fun having them here.

And see how cool a visit you, too, could have if you came to visit!!!

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One Response to Texas cousins visit at Thanksgiving

  1. Anonymous says:

    looks amazing and fun. can we come visit? we miss yall too much! love to all.

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