J.R.R. Tolkien, my apologies, I tried…

I have always loved the creativity my girls have shown when it comes to their wishes for a birthday theme and cake idea. Over the years we have had a Robin Hood party, a fireworks party, a school party, a detective party, a Voyage of the Dawn Treader party, and (one of my favorites because of its complete randomness) a dolphin bubble party.

And this year didn’t end the trend, as Halle decided to have a Lord of the Rings party. She has read all the books (she did so when she was 8!) and she loves the movies. But mainly because The Hobbit had just come out in theaters, her decision was confirmed that this would be the best year to use this theme.

The plan was to have 2 of her friends go see The Hobbit with her and then stay the night for a sleep over. And I was to make a cake.

If you know anything about me and my frugality, I have always refused to buy a store bought birthday cake. I just can’t do it. And anyways, it is just too fun trying to come up with your own! I only wish I had better cake making and decorating skills, then I could better take on the challenges my girls’ cake ideas offer. (I am hoping for the year that one of my kids will say, “Mom, I want a blue cake. Just make me a cake that is blue.” Because I will make the best blue cake ever!!)

So with a little inspiration from pinterest, the most doable option was to make a round cake and put elvish lettering on its circumference, to serve as the inscription on the ring. And for the top of the cake, Halle approved the Doors of Durin.

This was the image I tried to copy.

The riddle on the doors translated to Speak, Friend, and Enter

I thought it would be clever to instead say, “Speak, Happy Birthday, and Eat.” However, unfortunately for Halle, my writing skills with icing are lacking. This requires a steady hand for the intricate detail all these letters would require. And this is all I could do.

Speak * HB * Eat

This is how the Ring around the cake ended up. Not only is it really tricky to make a frosting that looks gold, it is even more complicated to create an Elvish font!!

Translated, this should read, “One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.” Um…. NOT!!!! It looks like a few poorly scripted cursive lower case letters.

This is what the lettering should have looked like

Thankfully Halle is so very easily pleased and always genuinely touched with my attempts. And she praised this work of “art” with much enthusiasm!!

10 candles!! I can’t believe we are in the double digits now!

She definitely scored with a lot of LOTR lego sets for her birthday. I love her excitement over this genre of toys!

The Mines of Moria lego set brings in a huge smile!

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4 Responses to J.R.R. Tolkien, my apologies, I tried…

  1. I love this, Jo! As always, your creative party theme takes the cake!

  2. Nonnie says:

    As usual, I AM SO IN AWE!!

  3. Whitney says:

    Jo, it is fantastic as always!! Brings tears to my eyes knowing our kids have spent another bday apart. Elena’s party is today. Miss you guys so very much!

  4. At least you can spell!! I have made a “Birtday” cake and a “Biptiday” cake. Ah, well … We do our best, and in doing our best, we make some awesome memories. :)

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