Halle in NY!!

Thank you, Adrianne for your recent post. I am inspired to try and start posting our little feats again on a more frequent basis :-)

Halle went to see her Aunt Cristen (we call her, “Tia”) in New York this past October. And she travelled ALL BY HERSELF! She did so well, and had such a good trip getting to spend time in a whole new place without her mommy. Actually, I never questioned whether Halle would do well, it was me who was all nervous and anxious while she was away.

Here are some of the pictures we saw from Tia’s camera, which gave us a pretty good glimpse about the many new experiences Halle was able to enjoy in this faraway land. I also loved how Tia recorded many of Halle’s remarks during this time.

After flying solo and being super brave, Halle arrives in NY

Tia set up her couch to be a bed for Halle, but Halle ended up making her own adjustments to how her body would use the space while she snoozed.

“Well, this sure is a nice way to get about town”
-Halle, on her first subway ride

“We saw so many exhibits that I can’t count them!”
-Halle at Museum of Natural History

“Now *that* is how you make really good food. I ate myself so senseless that I think I need to nap in Central Park rather than walk in Central Park!”
-Halle, reflecting on her first ever Shake Shack hamburger and shake

In Central Park

“Sometimes when I’m on a ferry I prefer the seagulls to the city”
-Halle reflecting on her first ever Staten Island Ferry ride”
(if you look closely, you can see the Statue of Liberty)

“If a girl needs to be better than a boy, she *can* give a very ladylike punch”
Those were Halle’s thoughts on the differences between the sexes over a pepperoni pie at Two Boots pizza with Tia and a couple of her friends

Breakfast in bed with a book

Playing in the waves at Coney Island
And after building sand castles, this is what she had to say. “I mean, it’s not many people who can say what they built today will still be standing tomorrow!”

“Warm hot dogs and cool ketchup always go great together!”
-Halle enjoying lunch at Nathan’s

“Do you know how to grow fast? Like, really fast?”
She just needed to be 6″ taller to be able to ride the Cyclone

But she could get a thrill on the water ride, and she sat up front!

For her last night, she went to see Annie on Broadway

“If I can tackle this and be this successful, what’s next? Flying alone to Australia ?”
Dinner was before the show in China town, and Halle’s comment was her reflecting on using chop sticks for the 1st time to eat pork dumplings

View of the stage at the opening scene

“That. Was. Awesome. And by awesome, I mean awesome!”
-Halle and Tia after the show

And one more quote, just for fun. This was something Halle said when they were visiting Ricky’s Costume Superstore and she was considering all the styles they had. “There are a tremendous amount of options here! You really should think about being a cat, Tia; it’s quite fashionable these days as well as being hot & sexy!”
Halle cracks me up; where does she get this vocabulary?? You have to know that the words, ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’ are used as infrequently in this home (translate – never) as the word, ‘fashionable.’

We love you Tia and thank you for this most incredible time you gave to Halle!!!

Dee and Gracie are anxiously awaiting for the time to come that they will get to go next.

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2 Responses to Halle in NY!!

  1. Julie P. says:

    hahaha…love that last quote! But all Halle’s quotes are so insightful and fun! Love that you were able to share this with us! :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a fabulous experience for Halle! Love the quotes…
    I want to go visit Tia….so much fun! Miss you all!

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