Creeekside BBQ

When we moved into our Longmont rental back in March, it didn’t take long to find out we were once again neighbors with some pretty awesome folks! And it was quickly discovered after our arrival that good BBQ and social gatherings were a shared pleasure with the people we have been hanging out with in our park, almost daily. So Rob, me, and a couple others decided we should have a neighborhood BBQ party.

Back tracking just a little bit, I need to say that when we first moved to Boulder last September, we met another family that had also just moved into the area. And the parents in that family turned out to be aggies, class of ’97 (just like us-whoop!) Jenn and Kolby Shipman were their names. It was weird how we had never met them when were in college, because we discovered that we all knew a ton of the same people while we were at A&M at the same time (well actually, Rob knew a ton of people – I was a math nerd and had little social interaction). Rob found out that Kolby also loves to barbecue, and that he has even made a small business out of it. He owns this huge smoker that is carried around on a trailer. And Kolby was so kind to not only let us borrow the smoker for our neighborhood BBQ party, but to also come help out on the big day.

Knowing that we had a smoker we could use to feed the masses, the rest of the logistics were just the planning details. I got to be on invitation duty, which is a huge joy to me because I love doing anything that involves fonts and layouts. And with so many free font downloads these days, just googling ‘western’ for font themes made this super easy. These are the flyers that went out to homes on two of the streets and a culdesac near us.

We really weren’t expecting but around 50 or so people (kids included) to RSVP to this, but the final head count ended up a little under 100. Nice! And it was a huge hit as every one that came was so glad that an event like this had been arranged, and all that were there had a super time! One family rented a bounce house and another family brought this humongous tent for the kids to sit and play in. We asked that anyone participating contribute money to help with the cost of the meat and to also bring a side dish to share. On one of the signs I put up by one of the food areas, I wrote, “1st annual” when I was decorating for the festivities. So I guess I am committing us to doing this again next year. We won’t be in the neighborhood anymore (we leave to move, AGAIN, at the end of August), but we won’t mind at all coming back to help out with another party like this next summer!

The little smoker that could

One of the other couples that helped out brought 4 of their famous home-made sauces.

all the sides and goodies

Kid tent and bouncy house – remember, all this awesome grassy space is two steps out our front door!

Things are really hoppin’ in here

the kids are chilling in the shade – this actually turned out to be one of the hottest days of June

after smoking almost all day, the late afternoon BBQ was finally ready to be served

folks just gathered wherever to sit and enjoy their neighbors and the great food

No chair stayed in just one spot for the whole event. Every 30 minutes or so they would shift a little to the East to keep under the shade of the trees and canopies some people brought.

lots of folks, lots of chairs, little shade

When folks weren’t seated down to eat their ribs and brisket, everyone did a great job at mingling around and being social

One of the great things about living is here is all the age diversity and how everyone hangs out together

When the bouncy house got old, the kids stayed cool with the pool; filling up their water-shooter-things and spraying it at each other (and our house)

Another fun thing for the kids that kind of showed up randomly

A couple of families even brought their cornhole sets. Mary Ann, you’re doing awesome!

Unsupervised with their food intake, I am sure Dee and Gracie made many trips to grab some of the deserts. But it was a special occasion, so it was ok!

Rob and Kolby, still smiling after a long day of smoking and grilling BBQ

What a super fun day!

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2 Responses to Creeekside BBQ

  1. Nonnie says:

    I ache a bit because you are leaving such a great neighborhood, both for you AND the girls …

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where are you going this time?

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