impromptu splash day

I have meant to write up a post about our awesome rental house we have for the summer. But like so many other posts I have meant to write, it has yet to be done (“yet” – means it will. Someday.) We love the house for so many reasons. The two top great features are the (1)great neighbors that gather almost daily at this (2)great grassy park area that is just outside our front door. The kiddos all run around, ride bikes, fly kites, play ball, etc…. while the adults gather for beverages and good times, sitting under the shade of the trees. It is a g-r-e-a-t setup!

Anyways, yesterday there was this landscape guy at the park working on the sprinkler system. I had told the girls they could go play outside while I got breakfast ready (I didn’t know about the sprinklers), and when I came out to get them I saw that Dee and Gracie had made good sport out of the spraying water. The guy was super cool because when he saw how much fun the girls were having, (even though he was done working) he said he would let the sprinklers run for an extra amount of time so the girls could play.

The girls had a blast and I got some fun pictures.

Gracie is in the purple dress and Dee is in the dress-up cheer leading outfit

If you look closely, you can see Halle starting to emerge from our front yard to check out what is going on

what a fun morning they had!

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One Response to impromptu splash day

  1. nonnie says:

    And what a lovely way to beat the heat!!

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