And on the third day God created… aliens (???)

Two years ago during the school year, we spent most mornings going through somewhat of a Bible study drawing pictures about the particular story we had read and then discussing it. Dee and Gracie were 4 at the time and their participation was not at the level as Halle, but still we all enjoyed this part of the day. We used the entirety Egermeier’s Bible Story Book and The Jesus Storybook Bible as our sources. All the completed pictures were placed in page protectors and then they all went into a large 3″ D-ring binder. It was truly a work of art (in a mother’s eyes…) to go back and look through it. The girls each had their own section, and when we looked at Halle’s drawings we could retell each story and they seemed to really grasp the big picture of it all. Oh, and I did this along with them, but I won’t be posting any of my work :-)

I thought it would be so good to do that again this summer as part of a morning devotional with the girls. I also thought it would be fun to see how the girls’ drawings and writing have changed over the years. But Dee (my sweet girl with whom I often wonder where her mind wanders) still has the most intriguing drawings and I wanted to share.

This set of drawings is from the first day that we started up again this summer.
We read the 1st chapter in the Egermeier’s Bible about the week of creation.

This odd thing is from Dee. I don’t recall discussing anything about a flying creature with multiple antennae, but maybe I did???

This is from Halle. She wanted to make sure every day of creation was accounted for in her picture.

This is from Gracie. She was trying to show how in the darkness, God spoke light into being.

And then this set of pictures is from the day we read ‘Jesus shows His love’ from two years ago.

This is Halle’s. I would have her write up a summary of what we read on her pictures.

This is Gracie’s. The bottom part was ‘Jesus shows His love’ and the top part was ‘The Last Supper’

This is from Dee. The bottom half is from ‘Jesus shows His love’ and the top half is ‘The Last Supper’

I love these all! Even if after two years it doesn’t seem that the coloring and artful interpretations has evolved very much. They will be priceless treasures and I am hoping I can do something like this each and every year the girls are at home with me.

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One Response to And on the third day God created… aliens (???)

  1. As a dad, I can truly say, “That’s funny!” As a pastor, I can truly say that many people on the pews don’t think much differently ;-)

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