on the subject of weddings

The last flower girl post reminded me that I never posted pictures of my sister Christina’s wedding last year. She and Jared were married at the Moon Palace resort in Cancun last July. Not only was it a super wonderful wedding, it provided a great vacation for Rob and me (thank you to Nonnie and Gramps for keeping the girls!)

Moon Palace

Most of the gang that came, capturing mostly what we did with our time. Pool and beverages :-)

The very happy couple!

No wedding is complete these days without a everyone-jump-in-the-air photo

Bridesmaids: JoAnna, Courtney, Ashley,& Carrie
honorary bridesmaid: Niece Madelyn

Something borrowed: shoes from sister-in-law
Something Blue: the words, “I do”

On the edge of an infinity pool.
Oh no, you didn’t….

oh yes, we did!

ready for one more entry into the pool

nice – even though no one pointed their toes

Congratulation Christina and Jared!
(or more fitting, because of the delay in posting, “Happy 1 year Anniversary!” Almost…)

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One Response to on the subject of weddings

  1. Julie P. says:

    Love these fun wedding pics! We had our honeymoon at Moon Palace! We are hoping to go back some day!

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