Look, ma. We bought a trailer!


A quick update on the Van Vleet family…

In the last three weeks life seemed to all come together for us. Rob was offered a full time job with a construction company in Boulder, we found renters for our home in Manor that move in on Feb 24th, and we have a place to rent in Colorado! Wahoo!!!

Especially after what we were dealing with when I wrote this post, it is a huge relief to finally have some clear direction and a plan. But we have to act fast now to keep it all in moving motion. So that is what we are doing, moving (again!). Our 11th move in 14 years of marriage will bring us to Longmont, CO. What Longmont is to Boulder is very similar to what Manor is to Austin :-) it is the affordable place to live near the bigger city!

And because we normally act in lines with what is more affordable and frugal and gets us the most bang for our buck, Rob decided buying a trailer for our move would be the more economical route to take. To get all of our things packed up, we would need to rent a trailer to pull behind Rob’s truck and also rent a large moving truck (one of which I would have to drive – yikes). We would also be paying twice the amount in fuel for the two trucks to drive 1000 miles to Colorado. In six months we will have to move again (another story I’ll save for another post), and we would have to rent trailers and trucks again. So with this purchase, we are spending almost the same amount as renting and fuel, and then we can turn around and sell the trailer when we are all done with it. Which shouldn’t be too hard. Because, I mean who doesn’t want a 40 foot trailer? I am sure Ricky Bobby would love this for his race cars!

So that is our quick life update in a nutshell. Or more approciately, our life update in a trailer. Because come Friday, our whole life will be in that trailer!!

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4 Responses to Look, ma. We bought a trailer!

  1. Rob says:

    That would be 44′ of trailer. Just to set matters straight.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh, my heart, you guys! No wonder Rob was out practicing last night!!

  3. asuh says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha – y’all are hilarious :) but I like the way you plan . . .

  4. Anonymous says:

    Need pics of the inside as it gets loaded!! Will it all fit??

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