Story books and the facts of life

I wish I could keep better track of the many observations and commentaries my girls make when we are reading stories together. They are so priceless, and have the ability to evoke such a vast array of of emotions. From the hilarious to the heartbreaking, I love them all!

Here are two of the more recent ones, I actually wrote down, that had me cracking up out loud. Their comments were just so matter-of-fact and that-is-just-how-life-is, I was in tears with the laughter they brought to me. And maybe I will be the only one who finds true humor in them. But nonetheless, I thought they were worth a post, even if it is just to keep for my memories :-)

"Is the jam Ann has bad? That jam is bad! Ann has bad jam. And the bad jam is on the ham. Bad jam on a ham.... The ham is bad. And Ann is not glad. Ann is sad."

Gracie’s comment to the above page in our Sonlight reader was, “She is sad because she will have to kill another pig.” Yep, my girls know where their meat products come from!!

It's me, Boots! I'm on my way to meet Dora at Rainbow Rock.... I'm going to bring Dora some chocolate from chocolate lake....."

Halle had frowned upon the monkey’s gesture of bringing Dora a drink from the chocolate lake with, “you know, someone probably peed in there.” I am proud of her recollecting one of the many reasons we tell them not to take sips from just any source of water, no matter how tempting it might be. And even story book characters should be wary of the unknown substances that can contaminate chocolate lakes!

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2 Responses to Story books and the facts of life

  1. Nonnie says:

    Oh, my heart … another priceless ‘isms’ …! Aren’t we due for a BOOK by now???

  2. signe says:

    I love it! Good way to remember these little cute comments. Smart girls!

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