My Boulder Running Buddies

Running in Boulder definitely has its perks! And I wanted to post about a few of my usual “companions” that keep me company when I am logging in the miles. There are some whose presence I would rather not have to deal with on some days (hills, hills, always hills….) and then there are a few others that I hope to NEVER have to come face to face with (mountain lions, bears, rattlesnakes – oh my!) But in the grand scheme of things, I am truly thankful that I get to spend my time sharing the quiet of my mornings with these fellow new friends of mine. They all have their characteristics that affect me differently and I am a more blessed/stronger/aware-of-my-surroundings runner because of the impact each one has had on me.

To fill you in on where I run most mornings, just know that I walk out the front door and immediately start jogging for various 4-7 mile loops on amazing trails around Wonderland Lake and then up to the Foothills of North Boulder. And these are some of my fellow buddies for you to meet :-)


the iphone camera doesn't do these spectacular views justice! What I see most days is absolutely radiant, I just don't have the talent to capture the glory I get to behold

Trails Going Out

running north with the foothills on my left

Trails Coming Home


average elevation gain when I leave from Boulder home is 312 feet!

Just for comparative purposes,the Garmin profile below shows what my runs would usually look like when I would go out in our neighborhood in Manor. I am sure that the 29 feet gain was mostly due to all my hopping up on the curbs and driveways when I would see oncoming cars headed my way and I had to get out of the street.

Manor Elevation over 6 miles - 29 feet (see the difference!)

Now I have only done the run posted below 3 times, but how cool it was to see this elevation gain when I downloaded the run from my garmin!

running up Senitas Valley - elevation gain was 1102 feet


Bears, mountain lions, and rattlesnake warnings all in one post! And notice the recent bear sighting at the top right corner

I have failed to get even one picture of all the deer I see daily, but know that there are dozens and dozens of them that I see every time I go out. Big 10 point bucks, gentle does with their fawns – all so pretty and graceful, completely unalarmed by the crazy runners that pass by them. Then there are those hundreds of prairie dogs that come up out of their holes to watch folks run by. But they are way too quick (and too little and too brown) to get a good photo of. This is the best one I could do.

and there are coyotes, too! But I have only seen one so far

The track is another friend of mine that I have been hooking up with every other week or so. This is my first time to really be serious about running intervals and they have been my least favorite part of training. But when I have these views as I am trying to not throw up doing 400 and 800 meter sprints around the track, I can’t really complain.

I have been having such great running outings here. And as long as we remain in Boulder, I am totally taking advantage of the terrain and altitude and awesome running opportunities in hopes of becoming a stronger and faster runner (and without injury this time!!) I plan to get my weekly mileage up above 45 consistently over the next month so that at the beginning of January, I can start training for the Colorado marathon on May 6th. It has been a slow and steady come back from my last injury as I have been working up my mileage starting with 1 mile a week back in February and then increasing around 10% each week. I am not where I want to be, but the horizon is full of hope. And it was fun to see that over the last 63 days since we have been here, I have run 256 miles and gained 11,932 feet!! Good times :-)

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