Do you see what I see?

Or do you see what Gracie sees?

While downloading the pictures for the last post, I had come across this one particular photo taken just a day after we arrived in Boulder (I can’t believe it was 2 months ago!!). I had wanted to blog about it way back then, that very same day. But like so many other things I have hoped to do and accomplish since we got here, it never was done. Boo!!

However, seeing this picture made me realize how my own perspectives have been changing after living in Boulder. Don’t worry – there are hardly any that have been affected and none that are in negative ways… Anyways, this particular image seemed a fun way to intro that.

Back in early September, it was evening time when we had arrived in Boulder. Everything on the horizon was dark, so visibility of the land we would be living in was zero. But the next day when we were out running errands, all of our amazing surroundings were obvious and perfectly clear. I was constantly in awe that the great panoramic views never leave your sight while you are out and about. And I wanted the girls to be taking it all in as well. So when we got out of the car to go into the Home Depot store, my excitement for the display of beauty couldn’t be kept to myself. I clasped my hands together and opened them wide apart, suggesting I was beholding a scene with great scope and expanse and majesty! I said, “Girls, look! Isn’t this awesome!! We don’t get to see THIS when we are in the parking lot of Home Depot in Austin!” Sadly, no one but Gracie acknowledged me. And her response was not one that shared in my joy. But it did keep me laughing off on and for the remainder of the day. She had questioned my remark with a very perplexed, “What?? The American Flag?”

Um, no-ooooooo my sweet Gracie girl! How could I possibly be referring to the flag (something you see all the time) when this great range of mountains is before your very eyes to the west of us, stretching out as far as the eye can see! Now I do, I absolutely do, appreciate the grand ol’ flag and all that it stands for, but it was clearly NOT what I was admiring at that particular moment.

Oh the various and random point of views my kids have and the foundations for them will always keep me wondering and endeared to them!

Still, it is something to take notice of and realize how my own attitude has changed in a few areas while living here. Please understand that I have yet to step outside and look at the nearby foothills and flatirons and NOT say “Wow!!” I don’t see how I can ever take those views for granted. But I am indeed getting spoiled by two things. The amazing temperatures we have is one. We left 100+ temperatures behind us when we departed from Austin, and I thought it was heaven to be in a place where the highs max out in the 80s on any summer day. However, now I go out for a run in the morning and say to myself, ‘boy, it was unpleasantly warm out there today.’ How I ever thought a 50 degree morning run would be a less than desirable condition when I would daily endure 90 degree heat and humidity in my Manor morning jogs, I don’t know? But now I do (I think I just get hot easily). The other thing I have grown quite accustomed to is the distance and time it takes to get from point A to point B. Thirty minute drives were nothing to me when we lived on the outskirts of Austin, but now I think 10 minutes for a place on the other side of town is just a tad bit far for me. So pity me, please, because of the hardships of Boulder life we have to face :-)

Yes, perspectives are in the ‘eye of the beholder’ (and certainly change when you are ‘high up in Boulder’).

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3 Responses to Do you see what I see?

  1. Kelly Schulze says:

    I love the two things you are getting used to. =) The longer you live here, the more you will be accustomed to amazing weather and the time it takes to get to places. I love it!

  2. Julie P. says:

    love Gracie’s comment. And, I am jealous of your driving times and weather!! We miss you!

  3. Denise Moss says:

    I love those views too! I didn’t appreciate them until I returned back to CO after we moved away to TX when I was 10. I wish my dad still lived there so we could visit and see each other! Oh…and I love that now with glasses Halle gets to enjoy the view (even if she doesn’t vocalize it in the Home Depot parking lot ;)
    We miss you guys! Oh…and regarding the weather…I’m pretty sure your winters will be worse than ours…that makes me feel a little better…no…actually it doesn’t…I’m just jealous :)

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