Look who can see!!!

Halle's top pick for her new frames

It was this past August when Halle thought it would be fun to try on her friend Elena’s glasses. And oh my! What a moment of revelation it was for both Halle and me!!

Halle had been standing in our den when she put the glasses on. And in an instant she responded as if she had been transported to a whole new world. You could see by her expressions of wonder, her hands raised in awe, and her words of astonishment that she was seeing her usual surroundings new for the first time! Looking out the den window, she lifted up her hands, as if in praise, to declare, “I can see! I can see every leaf on the tree!!” Then she spun around to gaze into the kitchen and proceeded to describe with much animated expression all the things on the walls that she had never before seen with such clarity. It was almost too much to take in for this sweet little girl! And it was almost too much for me to bare as I came to the knowledge that all these years my daughter had been living with such poor vision, and I didn’t know :-(

This was all in August, just a week before we were going to leave for a trip to Colorado, so we immediately called an optometrist to get her vision tested. It turns out her vision in her right eye is 20/200 and her left eye is 20/100! Craziness!!! We felt awful! But the doctor tried to assuage our guilt of being terrible parents for missing this, he informed us that this sort of thing happens all the times and he also threw in the point that Halle didn’t know what she was missing. I guess…. But man, how did we miss this? She reads so awesome, so we never questioned her sight. And so Halle just grew accustomed to a world where the distance was blurred.

It is now November and Halle has been wearing her glasses for almost 3 months, and she is ever more appreciating the beautiful world that surrounds her.

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