Halloween 2011

Once again there was something quite creative about (at least one of) the girls’ costume choices this year. Starting back in at the beginning of September, Dee and Gracie had their sweet little hearts set on being Odette from Swan Lake for Halloween. I am sure it was influenced much by this documentary on Netflix called Ballerina that the girls watched over and over again over the course of the summer, as well as this book on Swan Lake by Nancy Ellison that they reenacted countless times, while we had the book checked out from the library most of the month of August. They were completely caught up with and enchanted by that story. And of course, I can’t discount the dance lessons they had from beloved friend and dance teacher Jen Richardson :-) as I am certain her influence was interwoven in their desire to be a ballerina princess, too.

Halle’s costume choice wasn’t very original this year, but I will say that her idea did come out of nowhere. She insisted on dressing up as Violet from the movie The Incredibles. This was very surprising to me because she had only seen the show one time when it first came out on DVD awhile back, and the movie and characters had never been spoken of since. But for some reason only known to Halle, in early October she announced with unwavering determination that she WOULD be Violet. Alrighty then….

And this is what we came up with for home-made-ish costumes.

Halle, Gracie, Dee, Eli (Optimus Prime), and Leo

a home-made felt logo and orange belt, a purchased mask, along with borrowed socks and gloves made the red turtleneck and tights with the black skirt resemble a worthy Violet costume

Dee and Gracie just needed some white feathers and white tulle to cover the black tutus they had brought with them to represent swan princesses :-)

sorting trough the treats

Sunday Pumpkin carving

Each kid got to design their own pumpkin

Leo colored one, too!

The end results, all aglow

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  1. Whit says:

    Ugh… Miss you terribly!

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