Eerie-Erie fun run and Monster Dash 5K

This past Saturday morning, Rob and his sister Meghan ran the Eerie-Erie 5K in Erie, Colorado. The event was followed by a kid fun run that our girls and their cousin Eli participated in. It was a 400 meter run dash around the track with a finisher’s ribbon and Halloween goodie bag. The kids had a blast!

Then later that day, my brother-in-law David and I ran in another 5K; the Louisville Monster Dash.

Halle chose to be Violet from The Incredibles this year

Pirate Eli and Gracie as Lucy Pevensie (one of the 3 dress up outfits we brought with us to Colorado)

Rob's sister Meghan - finishing strong

Rob - not all that happy we signed him up, but in the end he was glad he ran (mostly because he got a cool long sleeve tech shirt)

About to start. Halle, Gracie, Eli, and Dee (who had on part of a ghost costume)

the final stretch with all our kids in (and near) the lead

For the race I ran in, Dave (brother-in-law/aka running extraordinaire) was going to pace me to see if I could meet a new 5K personal record and run the course averaging at 7:16 minutes/mile. And since he would be running in front of me the whole race to set the speed, he came up with this great costume idea. I would be dressed as the police and appear to try to catch him, the runaway convict. Clever, right?! Well he did run in front of me the whole time, but I never did catch him and my goal got away, too. It was a tough course for me with an uphill first mile and a hilly second mile (also, it was at 3:15 in the afternoon, when my body is usually napping. I know. Excuses. Excuses…) All said and done, I just don’t think I was ready in my running for that pace yet. However it wasn’t a total bail as I can see that being in Colorado has allowed me to make much progress with my running speed. And the results said I ran this in 23:25 minutes. But unfortunately, my garmin clocked the course at only 3 miles, and not 3.1 miles. So I know can’t really claim it as a true 5K time. But… I did place 10th overall in the women’s results, and that was a plus!

me and my best attempt at a home-made police costume to run in, posing with brother-in-law David

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2 Responses to Eerie-Erie fun run and Monster Dash 5K

  1. Nonnie says:

    Good for you!!!

  2. Whit says:

    I showed ashley this pic and she said the same thing I did.. “wow, Jo’s ripped!” congrats!

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