The Snowy Day

Last Tuesday night, the snow started following around 10pm and didn’t stop until around 4:30 the next evening. So there was a lot of white on the ground when we woke up, beckoning us to come and play!! Poor Dee and Gracie were sick that day and had to miss out on the adventure of the snowy day :-( But Halle and her cousins, Eli and Leo, sure had a great time!

Halle in more than a foot deep of snow

Halle and mommy and Mr Snowman

Eli and Leo

view down the street

Halle played outdoors for almost 3 hours straight - she had so much fun!

and I did get my run in that day :-)

The snow from that day is still lingering around a little bit. The trees are somewhat dotted with white along with the remaining orange of the fall leaves, and you can still see small little blankets of fluff covering scattered patches on the grounds. But it is forecasted that we will be receiving a fresh dose again this Wednesday. And this time Dee and Gracie will be ready to play, too!

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