Kids that Tri – Iron Kids Triatholon 2011

This August while we were up in Colorado, Rob’s sister and brother-in-law treated the girls with an awesome gift of getting to participate in the Boulder Iron Kids Triatholon!

What an experience!!!

Kids from ages 3 – 15 could participate. There were different divisions and therefore varying course distances based on the ages. Our girls were in the junior division (ages 6-8) and their course was made up of a 50-yard swim, 2-mile bike and 500-yard run. The event was held at the Boulder Reservoir where the Boulder Ironman half-series (70.3 miles total of swimming, biking, and running!) was being held the very next day. And with a backdrop of the scenic Boulder foothills, the location couldn’t have been in a more perfect setting (and the low 80 temps weren’t too shabby, either).

The course started with the 50 meter swim (where the yellow dashes are in the water) and then into the transition zone (where the big yellow square is) to get into their shoes and hop on their bike for 2 miles (the bottom part of the course with the blue dashes). Then they came back into the transition zone to drop off their bike and headed out for their 500 yard run (the upper part of the course with the red dashes). Volunteers hold up a banner each time so that every kid gets to break through when they cross the finish line.

Swim Courses

The girls’ cousin Eli also participated, too. He turned 5 this year and it was his second year to do this (the 3-5 year olds had a 25 yard swim, 0.35 mile bike, and 250 yard swim – you just have to imagine that those 3 years olds were the cutest thing!!)

Rob’s brother-in-law made this great video of all the footage for the day and posted a shortened clip of the full thing out on youtube. But unfortunately, the original music he had used in the background for our DVD version was removed and replaced by youtube folks (because of copy write blah blah blah type things…) Still, try to watch it with the theme from Rocky going trough your mind – that makes it really cool!

Clearly you can see it was a pumped up, emotional, and just plain AWESOME experience for both the kids and adults! With all the encouragement and cheers the kids are getting as they go through the course from spectators and volunteers and then the sense of great accomplishment they feel when they hear their name hollered out over the speakers as they run through the finish line – it does meet the IronKids’ mission. To inspire and motivate youth through the sport to lead an active, positive, and healthy lifestyle. Oh yes it does!

They have these all over the US, find one and sign your kids up – what an incredible event for them to be a part of!!!!


Name Swim Time Bike Time Run Time Total Time
Halle 1:27 17:52 3:41 23:00
Dee 1:24 24:18 3:33 29:15
Gracie 1:28 35:22 1:35 38:25
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