Dee and Gracie’s 6th Birthday

Many months ago Dee and Gracie let me know that they would love to have a Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader birthday. And even though I sometimes wish my kids would choose simple themes that are easy to pull-off, I guess it’s a good thing they don’t have any boundaries in their creativity when it comes to ideas!

Unfortunately, I do however have boundaries/limits when it comes to my being creative. Thank you google! I seem to always find something I can “borrow” when it comes to birthday cakes.

There weren’t too many results for Dawn Treader out there (I wasn’t surprised) But this one did give me something to tweak a bit.

from cake

I knew I could do the ground graham crackers for the sand and some aqua food coloring would help create the water. But the boat, oh my! No way could I do what the cake central folks could do!! I probably could have just asked around for a toy pirate/viking type boat to borrow, but I figured in Texas for a hot July birthday, I could get away with using a watermelon :-)

Gracie is on the left in the light blue with the goggles, Dee is on the right with the towel around her and multi-colored blue suit

the silly sail would not stay up on its own

Who wants to eat some of the sand??

Halle's sketch for me of what the cake "should" have looked like. I was a little close in resemblance, right??

I think it was a success for the girls, or at least they didn’t complain otherwise :-)

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One Response to Dee and Gracie’s 6th Birthday

  1. Nonnie says:

    You did good!!!

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