Happy Birthday Dee and Gracie (only a year late!)

Today is July 20th 2011 and we are celebrating Dee and Gracie’s 6th birthday!!

But guess what I am finally posting??

Dee and Gracie’s 5th birthday! And it only took me a full year to do this – am I behind or what.

For their 5th birthday, the twinkies wanted a sleeping beauty princess birthday party. And because I always try to oblige their theme ideas, that is what we were able to do.

Birthdays can be a bit tricky around here because we always want to honor their actual birthdate but we also like to be able to have a party as well. And last year, the girls were fortunate to have 3 celebrations! One with some neighbors on July 20th, another one down in Houston for a family party, and then one more to have neighborhood pals sing happy birthday, too. That is a lot of cake!

birthday cake on their real birthday

getting ready for the family party

my attempt at a sleeping beauty cake using fondant for the 1st time


wearing the new sleeping beauty dress-up clothes

Like Halle on her birthday, D&G also received American Girl Dolls on their special day

pool party with friends

two sleeping beauty cakes were made for this one

Dee did not think the fondant tasted as good as it looked

To include friends to help celebrate this year’s birthday, we’ll be having some sort of Voyage of the Dawn Treader birthday party (per their request, of course), however the date has yet to be decided. But hopefully I will be posting the festivities when it does happen before another year goes by :-)

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One Response to Happy Birthday Dee and Gracie (only a year late!)

  1. signe says:

    Cute cakes, cute girls. Happy birthday!

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