I’m on a boat!

well, I WAS on a boat. It was last summer and it was this very awesome multihull catamaran/yacht!

My dad had chartered this sail boat at the end of last June and had offered my sisters and brother, and all our significant others, to go sailing around the British Virgin Islands with him and my step mom. And of course Rob and I said that we were going to make it work so we could go! The last time I had done any sort of similar type adventure was when I was in the second grade. As a family we had spent two weeks sailing from Florida to the Bahamas and back again. But I was too young to really appreciate how amazing an opportunity it was and this trip was going to be in the BVI, with no kiddos!

The whole length of the trip was going to be 2 weeks on the boat, but Rob and I could only stay one week. And because one of my other sisters could also only stay a week, we went first and they came second; overlapping our time for one night. That all worked out well accommodation wise as the boat had just four sleeping cabins. But it would have been so fun to have all 10 of us together all at the same time.

When we got back, there were more than 500 pictures from all of our cameras! I can’t post all of them :-) but I do want to try to get a little bit of everything about our itinerary and the fun we had.

Monday – June 28, 2010:
A traveling day. Flights were from Houston -> Miami -> San Juan -> Tortola Island. When we arrived in the BVI, we stocked up on food and drinks at a grocery store, ate dinner at a local restaurant, and then slept on the boat that first night while it was still docked in the marina.

Tuesday – June 29, 2010:
Opened up the sails and headed to Pelican Island for some great snorkeling and then we harbored at the Bight at Norman Island

Wednesday – June 30, 2010:
Snorkeling at the caves and then the wreck of the Rhone before we sailed on to Cooper Island. We hung out at Cooper Island Beach Club, ate dinner at the restaurant there, and then moored in the harbor for the night.

Thursday – July 1, 2010:
We sailed to Virgin Gorda and explored the Baths. Then we took anchorage off Saba Rock Island where we all took turns on the kayak and then dined at their restaurant.

Friday – July 2, 2010:
This was the longest sailing day out to Anegada. We did some snorkeling off the beach and then had this incredible fresh lobster dinner that night.

Saturday – July 3, 2010:
We sailed to Marina Cay where we picked up my sister Courtney and her husband Derek. We moved out of our sleeping area so the new crew could get settled and then Rob and I slept out on the netting at the bow of the boat, falling asleep under the stars.

Sunday – July 4, 2010:
Rob and I took the tiny ferry back to Tortola to fly home. We waved out the windows from our plane as we flew over my family sailing off to their next island.

What a trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!

about to board the plane. Brian, Theresa, my dad, Mallory, and Jo

getting the boat ready

our boat's name

the layout

my dad, the fearless captain!

Mallory, Brian, Jo, and Rob (and Theresa's head in the back)

Brian, Jo, Theresa (in the back), my dad, and Christina

one of the 4 sleeping cabins

one of the four bathrooms

Pelican Island

small supply boat offering it's wares and picking up our trash

watch out for those pirates!

eating dinner on the boat

The Caves

Theresa and my dad

Beach volleyball - Jared and Brian

chillin' on Cooper Island

Jo, Theresa, and my dad (the folks on one side of the dinghy)

Rob, Jared, Christina, and Mallory (riding on the other side of the dinghy)

Christina enjoying a bathing suit shower off the stern of the boat

Exploring The Baths

early afternoon beverage time at the Baths

Saba Rock Island

our dinghy to take us onto the islands

my brother Brian

dinner at Saba Rock

on our way to snorkeling at Anegada

Christina and Jared

Brian, Christina, and Jared

i love this one! My dad and Theresa

many hours a day were spent playing some bones

more domino time

check out that water!

not spear fishing, just getting ready to snag the mooring ball

all my dad's kiddos and their significant others

the whole gang - all together for just one day

And a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Nonnie and Gramps for keeping our girls so we could enjoy this amazing time!!!!!!

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