American girl dolls and a crooked generation

Even before Halle received her first American Girl Doll , she was very much into the idea of them. A friend of mine had given me a whole set of the Josefina books and Halle really enjoyed reading all about the culture of this New Mexican girl and what her life might have looked like growing up in the 1820s. Then her Nonnie (Rob’s mom) gave her Rebecca. We were able to find many of the corresponding books for that doll at the library, and could then read the stories about a girl named Rebecca who grew up in New York in 1914, and learn about her Russian-Jewish family traditions. The stories about Felicity were/are my favorite because she represented the time period during the American Revolution and, having covered that recently in our home school, I found all the information so fascinating.

But sadly the historical characters are slowly being discontinued, and the idea of “My American Girl” is becoming the new popular trend. With this line of dolls, little girls are able to create one in their own likeness. They get to choose the features of their dolls (hair color, eye color, skin tone, hair length…) and end up with a doll resembling themselves. It is a fun idea, but I don’t think they need to put an end to the historical figures :-(

Anyways, my lamenting is not the point of this post. Instead it is to share a quite humorous moment and discovery that my most excellent friend Whitney and I had last night when we were going through an American Girl catalog that had come in the mail (and yes, it was while enjoying some adult beverages…)

Whitney was joking around that if she were to create her own doll when she was a kid, it would need to have puffy cheeks and buck teeth. Not to be outdone, I trumped her recollection of the undesirable features of her youth by sharing that my doll would need to have a back brace, head gear, and a foot brace (*yeah – I had issues!!) We were having a really good laugh over the idea of that when all of the sudden, Whitney turned the page and we saw this!!

It was a little girl with head gear! So if your daughter is one of the unfortunate ones to require use of one of these, then you can buy one in the healthy smile set for your doll.

Know that the head gear I wore as a kid was much “cooler” as the strap went around the back and over the top of my head. But I was impressed and am quite appreciative that the American Girl company is recognizing the poor girls out there who, like me, have to suffer with crooked features and fashion those atrocious devices used to correct them. Well done!

*in case you are wondering, my back brace was for the scoliosis a doctor discovered when I was in the 2nd grade and I had to wear it all the way through middle school. The head gear came along when I had my braces and I was graced with their presence in my middle school years. And the brace on my feet that I had to wear as a toddler was not quite as extreme as Forrest Gump, but was the start of my being into “heavy metal” from my early years (which might be the reason I find heavy metal music so distasteful today – it is just so obnoxious!!)

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