:¦:-•:*'”*:•.-:¦:-•*4th of July*•-:¦:-•:*”’*:•-:¦:-•*Freighbor Festivities!*•-:¦:-•:*'”*:•.-

I mentioned it almost a year ago how totally awesome the cul-de-sac we live on is! And our sentiments in that regard have just become all the more confirmed as time goes on. We still hang out regularly on a weekly basis (mostly semi-weekly or more), but every holiday is just one more reason to celebrate and have an official big party with our “freighbors.” That is the cleverly cool new term one of them made up, short for friends & neighbors :-)

And of course yesterday’s holiday justified another full-blown get together. All the men around here are way into their grills and smokers and so they are eager to go all out in putting their skills to work in that arena. We ended up with quite the spread of ribs, pork tender, tri-tip, roasts, and brisket (i think I said all those correct- it is all just meat to me!). With plenty of meat, side, dessert, and beverage options everything turned out so yummy and great.

It is too bad that there has been no rain here in ages, and thus a ban on fireworks put a damper on celebrating the 4th to the full. But we found these fun party popper toys for the kids to play with that were filled with a ton of confetti and streamers. It was the least we could do to try and achieve a bit of the experience of flying sparkling colors being launched in the air.

I think Rob and I turned in before 11pm (that is because there are a couple of “Cinderellas” in our family – and it is not any of the girls…), but many folks continued to party on in our backyard. And with all the laughter and chatter that carried on outside our bedroom window, I happily drifted off to sleep feeling very fortunate for the place we live in!

God Bless America and Green Lodge Ct :-)

*most of the pictures are from all our iphones, so there is much blurriness in many
**and sadly missed were the Rabon family . We wished they were here, too!

Whitney's Cake

some of the great food

Whitney, Monica, and Liam

Chris and his roast? brisket?? whatever it was, it was excellent!

Cody, Lee, and Chester

Chester, Claude, and Chris


Halle, Elena, and Dee

all the kids sang Happy Birthday America and God Bless America

Halle, Gracie, Dee, and Elena

our salute for the red, white, and blue :-)

"firework" time




racing games - Colin and Elena

Colin, Liam, Garrett, Elena, Dee, and Jo

Whitney and Elena

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One Response to :¦:-•:*'”*:•.-:¦:-•*4th of July*•-:¦:-•:*”’*:•-:¦:-•*Freighbor Festivities!*•-:¦:-•:*'”*:•.-

  1. Nonnie says:

    What a celebration! You did SO good!

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