Pretend it is last May – Dance Recital 2010

* a quick preface to let readers know that several of the next few blogs to come here on littlefeats are going to be VERY late in posting (almost a year past due). But I can’t NOT post them as this is my only real source of documenting memories and keeping pictures in order. Dee and Gracie’s 6th birthday is about to come up in July and I never even posted their last one. Better late than never….

Last year the girls were all taking dance lessons from one of our friends in the neighborhood who had started up her own studio in their garage. It was such a wonderful experience (and convenient, too) for all of us. I loved that a recital was put on so that family and friends could see their wonderfully entertaining performances on stage. It was so fun!!

Here are some pictures and youtube clips of the big event!

Click on the bold song names below to watch the short youtube clips of the dances

Keep Me Hangin’ On Dee and Gracie’s tap dance. Dee is on the far left and Gracie is on the far right. They may be twins, but they have very different dancing abilities.

Defying Gravity Halle’s ballet dance. Halle starts off in the dance 2nd to the left.

You Could Be Happy Dee and Gracie’s ballet dance. Again, Dee is on the far left and Gracie is on the right. We already have it predicted that Dee will be our soccer player (because, bless her little heart, dancing is just not her thing)

Jai Ho Halle’s daddy/daughter jazz dance – truly one of the highlights of the recital! You can hear all the cat calls from the audience showing their approval of the dancing talents.

Gracie girl

Sweet Dee is on the far left, Gracie on right

I love how they are all doing something different

Dee is cracking me up with her expression and pose

Dee still not-dancing :-)

Gracie on right

the ending pose

Halle's Ballet Dance

Rob and Halle are second from right

Dee, Gracie, Keziah, and Halle

Halle and Elena

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One Response to Pretend it is last May – Dance Recital 2010

  1. Nonnie says:

    It was such a fun evening … and over WAY to fast!

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