This last Christmas, Rob’s sister (the one we call Tia) gave the girls one of the best games ever! It is called Qwirkle and you can read all about it and see the raving reviews on this amazon link here . And because we love it so much, I just wanted to get a plug in for this amazing game on our blog because I think that every family would do well to have one in their home :-)

The product features say this.
2-4 players
ages 6 and up
45 minutes
Games Magazine Award: Best Family Game Runner-up 2007
Mensa Best Mind Game Award Winner 2007; Major Fun Award Winner 2007

We think it works perfectly fine with our family of 5 and the not-quite 6 year old twins have caught on effortlessly (and can often win)! It has been our favorite go-to family game for many months now and we play it several times a week after our dinner time. In our earlier games, we started off with all playing pieces turned up for everyone to see and make suggestions on how to play. But it became quickly obvious that no one needed any “adult” assistance, and most of the time the girls could think of moves for their pieces that gave them more points than what Rob and I could come up with. Rob and I are always very impressed, especially when Dee or Gracie whip out a qwirkle that we didn’t even see as a possibility!

But what I found equally as impressive are the times that I have come out to the den to see Dee and Gracie playing all on their own. I loved seeing Dee’s little tally score sheet, too. Five year olds can play this game and play it well :-) I love that they are taking so much pleasure in this game and how, all the while, their little thinking and logic skills are at work as they strategize their next best move.

Check it out for yourself. Or if you want a test round first, come over and play a game with us!

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2 Responses to Qwirkle

  1. Denise Moss says:

    I’ve always wanted to try that game! Maybe we can come over late next week (or you can come to our house with the girls) and we can all play together!

  2. Nonnie says:

    We now have a set here … can’t wait for the girls to come. I think we’ll start a TOURNAMENT!

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