DISTURBING search engine results

First off, I realize that I am so very far behind in my blogging!! And it really pains me to realize how much of life here I have failed to post on :-( Of course I have a ton of excuses for my negligence. Some reasons truly are quite reasonable and rather justifiable; but most of them are plain pathetic and really boil down to the ugly truth that I have just not made the time. Bad Jo!

I still have much hopes and intent of getting up to date and posting some of the major events, trips, and milestones from last year. And my plan to accomplish this was was to get at least one post in a day until Rob and I leave for my sister’s wedding in Cancun (because that will need some posts, too). The soon-to-come posts will be just nice short and sweet ones, nothing too prolific, that at least give somewhat of a recognition that good times were had and memories were made.

Even though my blogging goal is a feeble one, to kick it off with a strong start I am actually going to post twice today! It wasn’t my initial intent to do a two-in-one Monday, but when I pulled up my blog and was checking out the site stats page I ran across something too funny not to share.

At the search engine section where it shows you what terms people used that brought them to this blog, these words are what led someone to venture over. “pictures of little kids in the mud in their underwear.” And this is the post they found Father Daughter Camping with these pictures

Awesome! And I concluded that this would suffice as acceptable blog fodder :-)
(see recent conclusion with this updated post)

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