Rob the Builder strikes again!

I wish I did more to honor Rob and give proper recognition to the many ways his home improvement skills really do make our house a home. But looking back I see there are only 3 posts devoted to his handiwork:

Rob the Builder

So I married a handy-man

A new edition

Sadly those three blogs just don’t do justice or give proper credit to all he does around here. It would not be an exaggeration in the least to claim that he is weekly at work on either something around our home, or someone else’s. And I am so thankful!!

His latest project that turned out just awesome was Halle’s new bookshelf.

Rob had built this little dollhouse bookshelf for her when she turned one (thank you pottery barn for the idea). But with all her crazy reading she does, it was not sufficient to hold her growing wealth of books.

Her bed already had a few extra built-in shelves, but they were not adequate in keeping all the books she reads and re-reads regularly near her without burying her bed and competing for space on her pillow.

So this is what he came up with!

I just love it! I absolutely do!!! It fits in her room perfectly and there is so much space for even more books. Half Price Books watch out with your summer reading program :-) We will be there every week!

And I also have to make a special note of this particular shelf that houses all her Harry Potter books and her Littlest Pet Shop toys. I love that even though she has read these several times through (I think she is on her 5th reading of book seven now) she also delights herself in some of the playthings that Dee and Gracie enjoy. To me, that is comforting proof that she is still my little Halle with the heart of a child!

Thank you, Rob!

Now let’s get you started on those bookshelves for the kitchen :-)

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One Response to Rob the Builder strikes again!

  1. Nonnie says:

    That is SO gorgeous!!! So, do the twins now have the ‘dollhouse’ bookcase?

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