Halle turns 8!

Halle just loves to dream up fun themes for her birthday parties, sometimes even years in advance. This year her idea from many many months ago was to have a detective sleepover to celebrate her big day.

There were 8 friends Halle chose to invite and so with our 3 girls already here, the total number was 11 girls. I was told this was going to be a “brave” thing for me to do, but (until that night) I really didn’t think it could possibly be too daunting. I was mistaken! Because once the house filled up, I quickly realized this was going to be crazy. I had to say that to explain why there are not too many pictures of the festivities, as I was a bit occupied tending to all party activities. It is so unfortunate because it was really a fun time and I wish I was able to capture all that we did. So for memory purposes, I’ll include as much of the details I can so I won’t forget this first (and maybe last) sleepover : )

These were the invitations we sent out along with an extra sheet of detective activities

When the kids arrived, they got to work on making these little butterfly magnifying glasses until the pizza arrived. And when it did come, they discovered it was missing from the boxes. Oh no! But there was a note in the box explaining what they would have to do in order to find out where it went…

Your pizza is gone!
But it did not disappear
Follow the clues
It is in a place that is near….

Are you ready to find it?
Does your tummy want to eat?
if so, you’ll find your first clue
Under one of your seats…

After they all piled under the table benches to find the first clue, they were off on a crazy scavenger hunt to find the remaining clues that would lead them to the pizza.

When clothes are dirty,
This will make them clean
Whites get more white
And greens get more green

this was in the washing machine

Flush! Flush!
Around and around the water will go
Where will you look?
I think you know…

this was above the toilet

Baby it’s cold outside
But there’s a place indoors, too
That will freeze your water
And is hiding a clue

this was in the freezer

A ring isn’t just some thing
you wear on your finger.
Sometimes it is a sound,
that for a moment will linger

this was by the telephone

When you lay down to sleep at night
What must you do to turn out the light?

this was by the light switch in Halle’s room

I’m keeping warm with a family of four
To find where I’m hiding, you must knock on a door

Then they all ran next door and through our neighbor’s house to find the pizza in their oven. Those twin 4 year old boys that live there got quite a kick seeing 11 crazy girls running through their living room!

After the pizza, there was another detective game (because believe me, I am all into these themed parties!) With the help of a lot of blue painters tape and yellow card stock signs, we turned our entire living room into a giant game board so we could play Clue. We dragged in Dee and Gracie’s toy kitchen and then put tape around different areas of our den to create more “rooms.” There was the library, kitchen, dining room, TV room, living room, kids bedroom, and fireplace room. All the adults present (Rob, a couple that brought one of the girls, my neighbor Whitney, and myself) were the suspects. And instead of trying to figure out who was the murderer and with what weapon, the crime in our version was one of theft. The kids had to solve the mystery of who stole what item and in what room. They all got their own clue checklist and were each given one piece of evidence to help them solve the crime. Turns out it was Mrs Whitney who stole the piggy bank in the dining room (and right now, she is also the prime suspect in our neighbor’s mind as the one who really drank all of our wine on our camping trip…) : ) So fun!!

Then we did cake, ice cream, and opened gifts.

The detective cake

and unfortunately, this is the most decent shot of the actual party : (

But here is the most precious card Halle received from her friend Rilyn

And finally, the last part of the evening was watching the movie Nancy Drew in the living room. After that, one more movie was put in that the girls could fall asleep to.

Rob made waffles in the morning and kids went home. It was a lot of fun, but we all needed much rest that following day : )

Next year, Halle says she wants to have an Alamo party (um yeah, she is referring to that historical landmark still standing in San Antonio, TX). I am already trying to figure out now how to make something like that work; maybe something with Davy Crockett and James Bowie, I am taking all ideas!!

These are some of her other past themes – she sure does encourage to get creative juices flowing…

her 5th birthday was a firework party (but I didn’t have a blog back then to post anything)

her 6th birthday was a school party (post on that is here)

and for her 7th birthday, she wanted a Robin Hood party (post on that is here)

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3 Responses to Halle turns 8!

  1. asuh says:

    You are such an awesome mom!!! Halle is so lucky to have you for her mom – both willing and able to bring her birthday dreams to life :)

  2. signe says:

    What a great party, Jo! I may steal the whole thing – Madison was intrigued when I told her about it!

  3. Nonnie says:

    Oh, m’gosh … Signe!

    Jo, you are so, so incredible. Now call Meg and talk her through the making of a rocket ship on the moon! Because you are the inspiration of the homemade wonders!

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