E – I – E – I – O

At the end of January, our great friends the Rabons had planned to go on a snowboarding trip and needed us to stay and take care of their Fresh Pastures Farm out in Taylor, TX. Of course we said “yes” because we love them and because we know a farming lifestyle is something we desperately want to have one day for our family.

For 8 days we got to live at their house and take care of the 4 cats, 4 dogs, 100+ laying hens (25 in pasture and the others in the brooder house), 6 cows, 1 donkey, 15ish bunnies, 3 geese, 1 rooster, and 6 pigs (I think I covered it all…). Chores took at least 2 hours to get through everyday, but it confirmed for us THIS IS the life we want. But minus the pigs, because I hate pigs!! Seriously, those 4 legged things that devour anything you throw in their pen haunted my dreams at night… ICK! EW! and YUCK!

Each morning (sometimes it was below freezing out), Rob and I would hook up the water to the Bad Boy Buggy and drive around filling up the tanks for the cows, the donkey, and the pigs. I would open up the roosting house for the laying hens and then feed all the animals. Then at 5pm, the girls and I would drive back out to feed the pigs (again, remember they eat like crazy!) and would also gather any eggs the “ladies” had worked on that day.

We had a great time being there and when we came home, we were seriously missing the rich fresh smell of land and the sight of endless rolling hills that were our companions the whole time out on the farm. Someday, someday…

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3 Responses to E – I – E – I – O

  1. ritzvalle says:

    or have me out to help once you have your own place.
    love you.

  2. signe says:

    I loved these pics. And how great is it that your kids are wearing dresses and bare legs in January? The sunny pastures were a beautiful reminder of farms and fields I’ve loved before.

  3. asuh says:

    Random question – do you order any meat from them? I know you mentioned the turkeys at Thanksgiving time, but what about their chicken or beef?

    Also, I could totally see y’all running a farm – especially since you wake up at 4:30 a.m. when you don’t have animals to tend to :)

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