If the image below looks a bit peculiar to you, know that you are not alone. Rob felt the same way when he started to notice that the once regular appearance of TWO half & half cartons had worked its way up to a consistent THREE. And I wont deny that the wine in the picture probably does look rather silly and makes the abundance of these dairy items look all the more questionable. But it was only the surplus of creamer, and not the of source of my merlot in a cardboard box, for the reason of Rob’s concern at my change in grocery shopping habits.

You see, I am pretty certain that Rob and I go through a whole quart of half & half every week. And not because we drink a crazy amount of coffee either. Rather it is because we (well mostly me) require a crazy amount of half & half in our coffee (I mean doesn’t the name suggest one should use equal parts of coffee and half & half…) And it would be a total morning tragedy to discover my coffee is not up to my liking should we run out. That is why back-up carton number one became necessary. Because I don’t get out to HEB (the only store that carries my favorite brand) on a weekly basis, I needed to know I was covered when the first one was empty.

Up to this point, Rob had understood the logic behind a second container. But I wasn’t sure if he was sold on my reasoning for back-up number two (i.e., carton number three). I had explained that you can’t always count on HEB to have what I want in stock and that because my visits there are so sporadic, it was essential to have the 2nd and 3rd cartons ready to go. I didn’t ask if he agreed with me (he rarely does get my logic…) and left the matter alone. I figured I am the one who really does the shopping anyway and would therefore have control of the purchase power.

But he really surprised me on this. The last time he went shopping and I had asked him to pick up some things on his way home, half and half was one of the items (we were down to just one carton). I didn’t tell him to pick up two more quarts, but he did anyway!! And I was so happy! I mean really really happy (I think I even used the word ‘tickled’).

Enough to write a whole blog post on something so silly :-)

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2 Responses to Necessities

  1. Signe says:

    It doesn’t matter if he gets your logic or not, this little gesture shows that he “gets” YOU! Sometimes I really love Kent for the “silly” little things – like when he hands me two black jelly beans unasked. Of course he knows that black is my favourite, and he gets that I have to eat them in pairs (I like to chew one on each side of my mouth so everything is even).

  2. leah says:

    Haha! I put SO much half and half in my coffee, too. It’s out of control. I also appreciate how it is neatly stacked in a row. Very much my style. :)

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