I’m so thankful!!

It was a very crazy thing that happened to me earlier last week.

I had to be admitted to the hospital!

I’m OK now (well, we are hoping so…) It turns out I had a pretty severe campylobacter infection that is under the control of antibiotics. If you want to, you can read more of the medical details below. But the real point of this post is to say how thankful Rob and I are for the community we have here!

From the onset of symptoms that deemed a trip to the ER necessary, to being admitted to the hospital for a night, and then to finally being back at home, we have felt so blessed with the huge amount of support and encouragement and concern that was demonstrated by the friends and family we have.

Our neighbors were a HUGE help as they very willingly watched the girls for us without a moment’s hesitation while Rob was with me at the ER. We knew the girls were in good hands and our neighbor’s generous assistance made for at least one less thing we needed to worry about when my medical situation became a concern.

I got so teary-eyed at one point during my second day in the ER because of the concern I felt from our neighbors and their assurance that they were there for us 100% in whatever shape or form we might need.

And once word starting spreading around of my whereabouts, there was a huge influx of friends and family checking in and offering to take kids, to bring meals, and even to clean my house! Before I came home, there was a meal calendar set up with dinners all the way out to December 10th (but we only accepted them through the 4th, once we found out I was ok)

The lovely flowers (pic above) that my mom sent are still brightening up the kitchen a week later! And the sweet card that one of my friends’s daughter so thoughtfully made (and then had the whole family sign) is displayed on our breakfast room cork rail, making me smile each time I see it.

Our neighbors, friends from church, and family are such a blessing to us! We feel so loved and cared for knowing there are so many around us there to be a support and encouragement to us in a time like this!!!

***** more background, if you really wanted to know : ) *******
Severe stomach cramping and lots of trips to the potty were the causes for alarm last Sunday (the one following Thanksgiving). I was thinking I could just wait to check it out with a doctor on Monday, but Rob was supposed to leave town for work that day and so it seemed best to investigate right away. We made some calls to friends and family that are in the medical profession to talk about my symptoms and were advised that we did, indeed, need to go to an ER, especially because a cat-scan might be necessary. So off we went.

Apart from our neighbors and my sister (whose husband is a doctor that we called on for advice), word didn’t get out that I was in the ER that first day. In my mind, I think of trips to the emergency room when there has been a terrible accident, one involving fatal wounds and lots of blood (isn’t that what all those tv previews for the show ER conveyed?) And I knew in regards to the internal side of the body, those incidents with serious trauma to the heart and brain were also valid reasons for admittance to a hospital. But in my case, I fell into none of those circumstances. So I didn’t want to cause alarm or a sense of burden until we understood why.

Surprisingly, our time at the ER on Sunday was not long at all. Some blood tests and a urinalysis were run. Then I was sent home when the results showed that nothing seemed wrong. I am not sure why they didn’t think it necessary to do the cat-scan because things were definitely happening in tummy area! I was told to come back if symptoms kept up for another few days or there was fever.

Well the next day (Monday) a whole new concern was at play when blood showed up in my stools. This meant Rob was not going out of town that day! Off we went, again, to the ER (while the neighbors, again, gladly offered to take care of the girls). A cat-scan was performed this time and it showed that my entire colon was inflamed, “diffuse colitis” was the term they used. Scary!

There was a whole new level of concern at this point and terms like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease were being discussed by the doctors. That was alarming to hear! And because of the state of my colon being so inflamed, without a known cause, I was admitted to the hospital so there could be more investigation on what was going on.

Once in the hospital room, a GI doctor came in to tell me they would do a colonoscopy the following morning. But in the meantime they would hook me up with some pain meds in my IV and run tests on a stool sample. So I just had to wait…

It was a huge relief when the doctor and the GI doctor came in to say it was just a really bad bacteria infection. That meant it could be treated by antibiotics and no colonoscopy was needed (yay!!!!) That news was the best case scenario we could have had considering the circumstances. Nothing chronic or life threatening would be at play, once under the care of some good drugs : )

There were more medications given to me on Tuesday and then I was discharged and we headed home in the late afternoon.

Following my departure, I still had several days of lingering unpleasant symptoms and I needed to stay in bed a lot throughout the days. But by Saturday morning, I was feeling almost 100% back to normal. Still a little tired and worn out, but my stomach was good to go!

And after all that unpleasantness, I thought surely one positive thing might come out of this, in terms of my body, and the scale would have showed a decrease in weight. But no such luck, dang-it!

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2 Responses to I’m so thankful!!

  1. Signe says:

    I am so sorry you had to go through that! Hope you’re feeling better and back to yourself soon. You shouldn’t put off that colonoscopy even though it wasn’t necessary this time… it can save your life!

  2. foo.c says:

    If you’re still not feeling better, you could try these worms:



    Glad you are getting well.

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