well hello there, little fella

Just look at this cute face that greeted me when I went to open the blinds!

I remember how little suprises like this used to be regular occurances around this home and sometimes they were discovered in some pretty fun places (see this post here). But I could always deduce whose hand was at work back then and by now, I had assumed we were through that stage.

However, with this sweet scribble, I was at a loss as to whom to give credit. No one wanted to admit to the artwork. Even though I was not upset and the manner in which I questioned the girls was done in a totally non-threatening way (I even praised the unknown artist), all kids replied ‘not me’.

Now that response doesn’t autmatically mean they are of the hook. We do often find traces of a mysterious ‘not me’ monster that leaves his/her handy work around here regularly. It is this unknown visitor that easily becomes the culprit for daily crimes like ‘who left the light on’, ‘who didn’t clear their dish from the table’ , ‘who took the last beer’ (clarification, this ‘not me’ character can take on both minor and adult attributes…), ‘who left the marker lid off’, etc.

I just believe their responses were sincere and that the illusive ‘not me’ really wasn’t at play this time.

I do watch other kids regularly and sometimes one might need to be back in our bedroom for either rest time or bed time while their parents are away. So, just maybe… it really wasn’t one of mine. And the game of who-done-it possibly expands beyond members of the Van Vleet family in this instance.

But I would like to know and give praise to the one that gave me a cheerful little greeting with this drawing.

Does this artwork look familiar to anyone :-)

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