look mom, caterpillars!

Our back yard is pretty tiny and because of the small expanse in which to play, it might seem there is little to do outdoors. But it is not so, the girls can spend hours out in the back. We have this amazing playscape that Rob built a few years back. However, most of the time there is another appeal that keeps the girls occupied and thoroughly entertained when they venture outside.

They love to explore out there and find new ‘friends’ to play with. And then they really enjoy showing me all their discoveries!

This time it was caterpillars; a whole bucket full!

The picture doesn’t ‘capture’ just how many were captured :-) because there was some serious pile-up going on. But they had counted out more than 20 and given names to all of them.

The girls are pretty cautious back there and have become fairly knowledgable on which multi-legged creatures are friends and which are foes. They know to avoid wasps, bees, snakes, scorpions, and most spiders. We have rehearsed how they should just step away in a calm manner and then come alert me when they see something that might pose a threat.

And I know now that I should not take lightly any screams of panic regarding such creatures (Halle helped me with that in a little incident we had with ‘some’ bees in this post here). Even though most of the time it is all drama, there might be another situation to truly be alarmed when I hear a high pitched shriek!

Thanks girls for always surprising me with your findings, I do appreciate the gesture! But can I put in a request for some flowers next time :-) And I won’t have to dump them back in the yard either, but will proudly display them on the kitchen table.

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3 Responses to look mom, caterpillars!

  1. nonnie says:

    too bad you can’t ‘encapsulate’ those animals so the girls can watch the change into winged creatures!!!

  2. foo.c says:

    So that’s where my bucket went!

    • jvanvleet says:

      oops – I didn’t even question where the bucket came from :-) I just focused on all the furriness!

      Seriously, I don’t know where they find all these guys! Even this morning, I had to empty out a bucket full. And then Gracie wanted to bring inside the lizard she was holding.

      I’ll make sure they always put the bucket back (empty) on your back porch if they decide to use it again!

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