pumpkin decorating

Pumpkin carving has never really been that big of a hit around this home. The kids can’t participate in the actual carving and they are not the biggest fans of removing the insides, either. So this year, we did pumpkin decorating instead! The girls each painted their own pumpkins and then they thumb-tacked on construction paper they cut out themselves for the final touches. Gracie had the witch, Dee had the bat, and Halle had the spider.

And one of our awesome neighbors, Whitney, had her mother over the week prior; she had this great idea that the cul-de-sac kids have a pumpkin contest. Whitney’s mom even very generously bought a prize for the winner and then sweet treats for all the participants. That was so thoughtful!!

Each kiddo got to place a vote and it was the witch that received the most.

Gracie’s prize was this great spider fleece blanket/pillow set (Thank you, Donna!) After everyone ate cookies & we headed home, Halle had already convinced Gracie how nice sharing is. Before I jumped in, she had worked out a rotation for the blanket that would be ‘fair’ (and it was no wonder why it was going to be Halle that had it first) That’s Halle! She suggests everything in such a pleasing way, her sisters normally comply.

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