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well hello there, little fella

Just look at this cute face that greeted me when I went to open the blinds! I remember how little suprises like this used to be regular occurances around this home and sometimes they were discovered in some pretty fun … Continue reading

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unabridged parenting (rambling thoughts in an unabridged post)

Have you ever read “The Count of Monte Cristo?” If not, I highly recommend you do so because it is an absolutely amazing adventure story. Many say the best one ever written! There is even a Great Illustrated Classics version … Continue reading

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look mom, caterpillars!

Our back yard is pretty tiny and because of the small expanse in which to play, it might seem there is little to do outdoors. But it is not so, the girls can spend hours out in the back. We … Continue reading

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Halloween 2010

Halle had been talking of a detective costume for some time now. And two weeks before Halloween, I finally started to try and do something about it. Google is where I always like to start with ideas, but sometimes the … Continue reading

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pumpkin decorating

Pumpkin carving has never really been that big of a hit around this home. The kids can’t participate in the actual carving and they are not the biggest fans of removing the insides, either. So this year, we did pumpkin … Continue reading

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