I did my chores!

Our great friends the Rabons found this chore chart system at a homeschool convention this past summer. As soon as I saw it, I just knew we needed to follow suit and acquire some for our family.

It is really a very effective system for helping kids learn to do chores on their own and to help them learn about responsibility around the home.

You decide what the various chores will be for morning, noon, afternoon, and evening time. You set up a hanging tag for each chore and when that chore gets done, you move it from the hook into the “I did it” box. At the end of the day (or whenever you decide to check), tokens are received for the number of chores completed in the box. There is also a reward system where the kids can cash in their tokens for different rewards.

For more than a month now, we have been using these chore charts. Know that it did take us a bit of time to get into the habit of working together to establish a daily routine of BOTH doing the chores and receiving tokens for them. We are still not 100% consistent with this, but the girls are actually holding Rob and I accountable for going through the chore cards at the end of the day so they can receive their tokens.

Rob and I even have chore charts for ourselves! But so far, we have not yet set up any chores for us :-) We do enough already, right! We were just thinking we should also participate along with the girls and maybe let them decide some of the ‘chores’ they would like to see us doing. And I do know exactly what one of my rewards would be: time ALONE with a good book at a coffee shop (shouldn’t I earn that already…)

Anyways, if you are interested in this great system, you can check out all the information and cost and where to buy at this website; Chores-help-kids.com There is so much helpful information there! But I thought it would be helpful to high light a few of the best links below.

Have questions about this method? Click on this link. This is the place where questions many parents have asked are posted and the author has answered.

Want great tips for getting started with this method? Click on this link.

Need ideas for age appropriate awards? Click on this link.

The chore chart board system is sold separately from the token tubes. And you don’t have to buy the token tubes for this to work. We just found that it is a very convenient way for the girls to actually see how many tokens they have (rather than keeping them in separate containers for each of them) Oh and there is a home-schooler discount!


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One Response to I did my chores!

  1. Jeff says:

    Hi y’all! This is Jeff B. I am the vendor who sold those I Did My Chores! kits and the Token Tubes at the homeschool conventions for years. I’m currently not actively selling them anymore but I have about 150 left that I’s love to find a good home! contact me at jeff at brantleymarketing dot com. I’m only asking for postage and I’d love to sell cases at a time only. (They come in cases of 10, so a great thing for stores, large families and preschools, therapists, etc.)
    So glad y’all enjoyed it. I had fun selling them too (and using it myself with my boys).

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