how to think green – the answer was “clear”

With all our handwriting things we work on and Halle’s mental math drills, I was using a lot of paper and a lot of ink printing them out every day.

I did not like the waste at all!

Sure, we recycle our paper, but still there is the continuos expense of more paper and more ink (and if you know anything about me, you know how frugal I am) and I needed to find an alternative way that would save us money in the long run.

A flashback to my high school geometry reminded me of the clear sheets the teacher would use as she lazily sat by an overhead projector on her stool and wrote out all the math notes for the day. It made me think that I too could be resourceful with those clear reusable sheets.

So now with clip boards, wet erase markers, and some transparency film I am good to go with some of our school activities. And instead of re-printing out the same copy sheets or math problems over and over again and then putting them in the recycle bag once they had been written on. Now I just keep a file handy of those activities and let the girls do their work on the transcparency sheets.

Then I get THEM to clean off the used sheets. And now, there is no wasted paper, no wasted ink, no wasted time on the computer anymore daily printing out activities, and best of all, no wasted money! Of course, there will be the times when I will want to save something they have put down on the sheets (like Halle’s sweet note, below, that she wrote on her mental math problems wishing me luck for the race this Saturday). But I can just take a picture of those things and keep them as memories :-)

And just a further note, in case you wanted to try this, too. I had to order the wet erase markers online. Apparently with today’s hi-tech tools involving over head projectors and laser printers, these type of markers are pretty obsolete and aren’t available in office stores anymore. So I ordered on amazon along with some inexpensive clipboards. Oh and Lakeshore Learning had the best deal on the transparency film sheets (100 for $18, I think).

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One Response to how to think green – the answer was “clear”

  1. Denise Moss says:

    This is AWESOME for mazes too! I’ve been buying maze book after maze book…but no more! I had the same idea and I’ve been able to reuse mazes! (Great minds think alike!)

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