attached to the boat in spicy water

This past weekend, we went up to the family lakehouse with my dad and stepmom. The house is on Lake Livingston and was built by my grandfather almost 30 years ago. We used to be able to make it up there at least once a year in the summer time. But this visit reminded us that it had been more than a year since we had been there. I was a bit worried that going in October would be a bit too cold for any activities in the water, but I was glad I was wrong. The weather was absolutely perfect! The mornings and evenings were nice and cool and during the day it was an enjoyable warm that made being outside most pleasant (and there were no mosquitos) The water was just a tad bit on the chilly side, but it didn’t stop the girls from wanting to go tubing. So that is what they did! And they had a blast!!

Dee called this activity being “attached to the boat” And she also struggled with the proper distinction between fresh water and salt water. She kept asking if we were going in the “spicy water” She remembered that there was a seasoning type of adjective when we were talking about the kind of water swordfish live in, and ‘spicy’ rather than salty (um, I mean salt) is what came out :-)

Grandpa with the girls

Just the girls

Uh Oh – we lost Dee

but she was so brave and smiling while she was waiting in the water!

Jet ski time – the girls loved going fast with their dad

Apparently, I was too slow for the girls and they kept telling me ‘go faster!’ It is just that those crazy things scare me! Probably because I got a black eye once when I was riding with Rob, many years ago…

and isn’t that greenish brown water just lovely!

Hanging out on the dock with Grandma

It’s a duck party! A BIG duck party!!

everyday at dusk, ducks, ducks, and more ducks fly in from all over the lake to enjoy a meal of kitty food that our neighbor Lynette throws out into the water. The water was all churning with catfish who were also glad to partake in this feeding frenzy. The girls loved being a part of this!

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One Response to attached to the boat in spicy water

  1. Nonnie says:

    I love the ‘spicy water’ … you REALLY need to write that down and preserve it somewhere!

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