Pawnee Pass Trail

About mid-week during our time in Colorado, we stayed with our friends Greg and June, and their kiddos Jackson and Lily. While with them, we got to go on another day hiking trip. This one was out in the Indian Peaks Wilderness and at a little bit higher elevation than the first hike we did with Rob’s sister and family. Both of these hikes were so fun and brought us to these gorgeous lakes. But unlike the other one that was mostly along wooded terrain, this one was near and above treeline for most of the way; and that provided some AMAZING panoramic views of the nearby peaks.

(1)at the Long Lake Trailhead, elevation is 10,500 ft

ready to hike with friends Jackson & Lily

Our Destination: 2 miles out to Lake Isabelle

(2)still hiking in the timber when we reach the 1st lake

Long Lake

pausing for a photo op

(3)approaching Lake Isabelle, the views of the surrounding mountain peaks were spectacular

out of the trees, this is what you see!

the names of the peaks are Navajo (13,409′), Apache (13,441′), and Shoshoni (12,967′)

the terrain is getting steeper

Gracie up ahead, leading the way

crossing a little stream

Gracie, surrounded by wildflowers

happy Dee and unhappy Halle

we made it! 2.05 miles & now at elevation of 10,908ft

a little play time at Lake Isabelle before we head back

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