The Sound of Music

During our second day of camping, we drove up to another part of Rocky Mountain National Park to embark on some afternoon hiking. We hit three spectacular lakes along one of the trails we followed: Bear Lake, Nymph Lake, and Dream Lake.

(1) we first started at the trailhead of Bear Creek

We decided to stop right near the trail head by this beautiful lake and fuel up for the hike ahead.

enjoying a snack at Bear Lake

family shot with a VERY nice background

(2) a 1/2 mile hike up to Nymph Lake

look at that energy as they are running up the trail

Dee, Gracie, and Eli did awesome the whole hike and we were constantly having to holler out to them, ‘slow down!’ There were a few moments that Halle kept up with them, but it was only very near the beginning of the hike. And she lost motivation quickly on the trails asking a little too often, “why do we have to keep going?” and telling us how “exhausted” she was. I am certain Dee and Gracie would be ready to tackle a fourteener next year, for sure! As for Halle, well…, because her strengths are in her amazing reading abilities and not so much with the physical exertion type things, I think she will just be content educating herself on all the mountains and then sharing with us her learnings with what routes to climb and what sights we can see along the trails :-)

Nymph Lake

(3) another 1/2 mile to make it to Dream Lake

This last stretch we did that day made our final destination a 1.1 mile hike out from our starting point and an elevation gain of 425 feet. I know most folks don’t really care about the extra detail, but this blog is really our one and only source of memories, so I need to be detailed : ) Halle was ready to quit at this point (and mentally, she did), but we didn’t think it would be right to stifle the energy the other kids had and make them travel along at Halle’s sluggish pace. So off Dee, Gracie, and Eli went up ahead to Dream Lake with Rob’s brother-in-law Dave, they were practically running up trail!

Dave with Eli, Gracie, & Dee waiting at Dream Lake

wow! This is Dream Lake

another snack break while checking out the great view

Apart from the rewarding feeling of watching our girls (Dee and Gracie, i.e.,) do so great on this hike and the unbelievable lakes we saw, the best thing about this day was the on the journey down, back to the trailhead. We remained fairly close together this time (because Halle wasn’t quite as slow as she was on the way up), so we got to see the joy Dee, Gracie, and Eli were not only having, but the delight they were bringing to others they passed by who were on their way up the trail. They had starting singing one of the theme songs from ‘The Sound of Music’ and for almost a mile straight, the words of ‘Doe a Deer’ echoed through the mountains :-) It was great when other hikers would humor them and start singing with them or cheer them on as they marveled at their great enthusiasm and endurance. And did we feel like proud parents!!

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  1. Nonnie says:

    Poor Hal … definitely a friend for her next time!!

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