Gracie reads Greek

I am often very much amused by the reading material Dee and Gracie choose to bring with them in the car, or sit in their rooms at nap time with, or flip through while hanging out on the couch in the den. Most of the time, they are without pictures and sometimes (Dee does this) they are not even holding them right side up. But they are able to bury themselves in these books and remain quite content focusing their attention on the words they see printed on the pages.

But what Gracie has been toting along with her lately in the car and engrossing herself with at random times throughout the day is one of Rob’s old books from his short lived seminary days. And it cracks me up that the ‘Linguistic Key to the Greek New Testament’ has been her preferred manner of “reading” these days. So I just had to capture a picture for fun memories!

Who knows, maybe exposing herself to this new alphabet is just a foreshadow of what lies ahead in her scholarly pursuits…

At least someone in the house is making use of it – that little book cost about $40!!

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2 Responses to Gracie reads Greek

  1. Nonnie says:

    Uh, those aren’t her hands …

    • jvanvleet says:

      This is Gracie, face and hands – perhaps it is just the angle of the camera that is making it look odd…

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