A new edition!

(In the kitchen! i.e., a new edition in the kitchen…)

I love looking through Pottery Barn catalogs because it gives me some great ideas to borrow for our home. And I feel so fortunate that we have a live-at-home handyman who can make most of those ideas a reality. I don’t have to spend the crazy amount of money most items cost because I have my very own “Pottery Rob”

The dollhouse book shelf in Halle’s room and the hanging wall shelves in the den were all ideas out of the catalog, but we got to personalize them to our likings when Rob built similar items for our home.

The latest wish list item of mine that Rob recently completed was this cork rail hanging system he put up along the walls and across the windows in our breakfast room.

I had cut out a page from a pottery barn kids catalog months and months ago of a cork rail hanging system mounted in a child’s bedroom. It had made me realize how much I wanted something like that, something on which we could display all our kid art for all to see. Because our kitchen and breakfast room have little wall space and our stainless steal fridge lacks the magnetic properties necessary for hanging anything up, most of the girls’ drawings and colorings are just filed away somewhere, unseen and unappreciated : ( But something like this was the perfect solution to letting the girls hang up their art in the kitchen where we can always see them.

This sure does allow us to brighten up the room with their colors and make it very cheery!

this is my best attempt at capturing the whole thing in one image

these are all shots of each wall with a more up close view of the rail

Thank you again, my wonderful Rob the Builder!

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4 Responses to A new edition!

  1. julespaq says:

    oooo, I love it!

  2. summer says:

    i love it, too! rob is definitely VERY handy!!!

  3. ritzvalle says:

    do you remember the pictures the girls drew for me the first time i came over? well all four of them (Halle made me two) are on my refrigerator. My friends don’t even blink at the neon orange princess or the prince with blue sparkley hair. :)

  4. Brie says:

    You are an inspiration! I am sure your children feel every day how much you value them! I struggle with this so much because in my mind the house doesn’t look “perfect” but seeing this… your house looks totally PERFECT!

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