tooth fairy, you’re fired!

Last Friday, April 30th, Halle finally lost her first tooth! Since she is almost seven and half years old, it is about time!

Halle knows there is no tooth fairy (see ** below) , but we still have a great amount of fun pretending to believe she/he is out there. Halle very much enjoys the idea that she will be receiving something of worth if she leaves the tooth under her pillow (regardless of who gave it to her….). But the first night with a missing tooth, we came home late from our weekly neighbor-night and ALL OF US (Halle, too) forgot to put her tooth under the pillow. The next night, we were out of town and did not bring the tooth with us. So three nights later, Halle and Rob are finally able to put the tooth under her pillow and get it ready for the tooth fairy. But the next morning, Halle is saddened to find her tooth was still under her pillow and thus no monetary exchange had taken place. And so she came into my room with the following question.
“Mom, you forgot didn’t you?” she asked with a pouty, yet forgiving smile.
“Oh sweet baby,” I replied with much regret at my negligence. “That tooth fairy DID forget! And I know for a fact that she is terribly sorry!! I think we need to write her a note, something to remind her.”

So that is what Halle did. While I was doing reading lessons with Dee, she sat down to write that tooth fairy a note.

Dear Tooth fairy, my tooth is under my pillow
please leave 10 dollars
♥ Halle ♥ P.S. I hope that the
fairy queen is very happy with you!

That night I taped the note to a shelf beside her bed and had Halle confirm (with words) that the tooth was indeed still under her pillow. Then the very next morning, as soon as I got up, I went into her room with $2 (not $10 – nice try Halle) and a flash light. Because Halle sleeps with 10+ stuffed animals and dolls surrounding her and always has an abundance of these silk squares plus many many books that are constantly strewn about her head while she sleeps, I knew I had a difficult task before me. Retrieving the tooth and replacing it with money would be a challenge, but I really had confidence in my abilities to go in and out without waking a sleeping child. But once I started the process of trying to maneuver my arm in a stealth-like manner amidst all her belongings, I realized how tricky this was going to be and the uncontrollable giggling started up; I could not keep myself from laughing out loud. This of course woke Halle up, but she just rolled over and grinned at me. She told me, “I knew it was going to be you” and she then informed me (a little past the time such information would have been helpful to my mission) that the tooth was under the pillow at the FOOT of her bed, NOT under her head. OOPS!!! That just made me laugh harder and Halle had to advise me that I should quiet down, otherwise I would wake up Gracie. What a sweet girl!! All I could do at that point was to continue with my duty as a tooth fairy. I put the money under her pillow, kissed her and had her roll over back to sleep, and took the tooth out from the correct pillow. Then I left the room without the feeling of triumph I had hoped would redeem myself from the prior night’s mishap of forgetfulness.

My lesson learned is this. Next tooth, Rob will play the part of tooth fairy!

** In our house we just pretend to believe in characters like Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, etc… The girls know that none of them are real in today’s world, but we have a grand time “pretending” they are. With this approach, nothing is lost from the fantasy of it all and they do a great job at protecting the truth from other children that might not know. And most importantly, they never have to go through the unpleasant discovery that their parents had been dishonest with them about something so important to them; as maintaining a relationship of trust is so important to us!

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One Response to tooth fairy, you’re fired!

  1. Nonnie says:

    She lost her first tooth!!! Hot diggity!

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