attention all frugal yogurt lovers! especially if you are one whose husband has banned you from using the oven to make your own!!

Anyone? Anyone??

Does this post beckon ANYONE out there to keep reading because they can relate : )

Well I reckon there probably aren’t too many folks who have the similar need to honor their husband’s forbiddance of the oven light in their yogurt making endeavors. But maybe I have some readers who might be intrigued on saving money by making their own yogurt! If so, then do read on…

You see, I used to follow an extremely easy method of making my own yogurt which required very little hands on time and practically no clean-up. I would simply boil 4 cups of milk on the stove, let it cool down to 100 degrees, and stir in 1/4 cup of yogurt (you do this because you need live active cultures that will reproduce when incubated – thus transforming your milk into yogurt; or something like that…) Then I would stick it in the oven for almost 20 hours and let the warm light of the oven (which kept the temperature around 104 degrees) do its incubation work. Voila! So easy!!

So instead of paying around $3 for a pint of whole milk yogurt without hormones, I really only paid about $1.50. And when you go through yogurt like this family does, it definitely amounts in loads of savings!! But after making yogurt this way for more than a year, Rob finally became aware that I was using the oven light to do so. He informed me that when I burn out the oven light with this method, the amount we save in yogurt would not be enough to replace a new oven light. Bummer….

With my disappointment, I started to explore other ways, but nothing seemed as easy and and as low maintenance as the oven light approach. I had read many posts on making yogurt in the crock-pot, but it was NOT a method that required little attention and little hands-on activity. And because I do get so distracted, very easily, this was not a method I could adopt. So I just sighed and accepted the fact that I needed to budget buying many pints of yogurt (between 8 and 10!) each month back into our grocery allowance.

But just last week, I was so delighted to discover another way of making yogurt that appeared to be just what I was looking for!! Money Saving Mom had linked readers to this post entitled ‘homemade yogurt the easy way.’ With a quick read-over, I was certain this was going to be the method to get me back on track with making our own yogurt once again.

I tried this method out yesterday and it worked!!! I learned that I do need to let my yogurt sit several hours longer than she recommended, because it was not quite as creamy and thick as I was able to accomplish in the past. But at least I have a process to work with again.

I want to give the gal at kitchen stewardship full credit for this, so I will not post all the steps here. You will have to go check it out for yourself if you are interested. But I will post her quick summary of what is involved so you can see how easy it is.

How Much Time Does it Take to Make Homemade Yogurt?
Grand Total: 15 minutes active work, an hour and a half that you’ll need to be at home.

■5 minutes to pour milk into jars
■a few minutes over the next 20 minutes to check on temperature
■a few minutes to move the jars to the fridge
■wait an hour
■5 minutes to stir in the starter
■a few minutes to get the jars in the freezer and then the fridge

She also lists all the pros of consuming yogurt and the many other ways you can use yogurt in meals. I would also just encourage all you folks who are interested in healthy eating to check out her site in general because she is full of wisdom in so many areas!!

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One Response to attention all frugal yogurt lovers! especially if you are one whose husband has banned you from using the oven to make your own!!

  1. Nonnie says:

    Hey, talk to Meg … I think she uses a Thermos! And tell Rob to chill … I’ll start giving you lights for your birthday and Christmas … and Mother’s Day … and … Easter, maybe??

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